psychic and mediumship more eye watering than a hot sauce dare.

I am your cool German aunt who blows the lid off the family secrets at Christmas then has to go to bed early.


You love me because I taught you your first swear words, but also not quite sure what to do with me.

Dogs Rescued

Psychic readings

Cakes Eaten

Remotes Operated

 Denise Litchfield’s humour and down to earth approach to everything psychic is refreshing.”

Zilke Davey

Denise Litchfield clairvoyant

Your fairy god mother arrives thirty years late slightly drunk, wearing last night’s ball gown and one shoe.

She confirms you really were stolen as a baby from Russian aristocracy, which confirms your lifelong feelings of isolation and love of pickled fish.

She bippity boppity boops you to the future where you’ve finally dumped the losers in your life, gone vegan, own a micro brewery and have shares in an organic pickle business.

You wake up holding a toothpick knowing exactly what to do next as the pickling royalty you are.

That’s what working with me is like:

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How to get a good psychic reading

How to get a good psychic reading

The best questions to ask a psychic help you understand a situation better. Ask, ‘What can I know’ and hand the power back to yourself. It’s all in the types of questions asked. That’s how to get a good psychic reading.

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  For business or personal, this is the psychic you want on your A-team. – Jay Crisp Crow