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I am your cool German Aunt who blows up family secrets at Christmas then has to go to bed early.

You love me because I tell it straight, taught you swear words, and how to speak ‘dog’.

Dogs rescued
Cakes eaten
Psychic readings
TV remotes operated
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Denise Litchfield’s humour and down to earth approach to everything psychic is refreshing

– Zilke Davey

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I’m Denise. A Sydney psychic and medium, here to help you navigate the future with confidence.

Touching hard subjects in a soft way is my superpower. 

Give me the thing no one’s saying, or the hard convo you wish you had before they died and I’ll tune in to that.

Restoring trust in the way ahead is my second superpower.

Turns out teaching aerobics in skimpy leotards for 25 years pays off when it comes to communicating, but I won’t make you do star jumps if we work together.

My readings deliver accurate guidance for whatever keeps you awake at night either in person or online, and my courses help others uncover their psychic ability in a credible way. 

If you like the combo of classically trained, sassy, and sometimes goofy, I predict we’re going to be friends.


Become the medium or psychic you dream of. Give readings they remember for years.

Bring messages from passed over loved ones’ so clearly, it feels like they are in the room – because they are.

Accurate insights into your life and reassuring, practical guidance to use right now.

Answers for moving ahead with life bringing peace of mind and confidence for what’s ahead.

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For business or personal, this is the psychic you want on your A-team.

– Jay Crisp Crow

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