Psychic readings served straight up with a side of sass
Psychic readings served straight up with a side of sass


I’m not your average psychic, but you knew that already.


You won’t find any crushed purple velvet turbans around here, but you will get #puppyspam


Dogs Rescued

Readings done

Cakes Eaten

Remotes Operated

…Your humour and down to earth approach to everything psychic and metaphysical is sooooo refreshing.” Zilke Davey

The only thing I love more than cake is dishing out awesome psychic morsels in readings and teaching others to do the same.

I’m irreverent and no B/S and even though I can’t work a TV remote, I can tune in to anyone standing on my head, because I love yoga.

But I wasn’t born this way.

It took many rounds of life’s snakes and ladders before I finally “got” that I was psychic and then train as an evidential medium. Turns out teaching aerobics for 25 years pays off when it comes to communicating, but I won’t make you do starjumps if we work together.

Delivering straight-up guidance for whatever keeps you awake at night is my thing, and I especially love teach other budding psychics so that they dazzle ’em with details and touch their hearts with the info.

If you like my sassy straight-shooting style, book a reading, and if you’re ready to become a fearless 21st Century psychic who’s unapologetically herself AND makes money with her sacred work, I’ll order that cake now.

…Denise’s way of teaching is spot on, funny, companionate.” Sonya Schrufer

I probably already know the answer, but ask me anyway:

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