My Psychic


the divine within

My Psychic


the divine within

What if you really are psychic?

Prove it once and for all to the only person who really counts.


Move beyond tips, tricks and templates with practical psychic development that makes sense.


Swap the fluff for facts.


Six weeks to touch the power of your soul and learn how to do evidence based readings.

My psychic soul is a good fit if:

You’re comfortable being psychic, but the info is sketchy and skims the surface. You know there's more.

You’re done with passive, watch only psychic development and want to upgrade in a logical, provable way.

Your bookcase bulges with DIY spiritual stuff and the couch has a dent in it from sitting on your butt so long. 

You're over being an 'armchair psychic' and curious to see what's really there for you. 

My psychic soul not a good fit if:

Mythical creatures or aliens do the psychic work for you. We're into accountability here.

You prefer to be unchallenged in your current spiritual philosophy. 

You’re happy with fluff nugget readings with general one size fits all information.

You're not online or on Facebook.

 She makes it fun while getting into the deeper sides our gifts – Schrae Martin



The soul empowerment process to fast-track spiritual growth and your psychic ability. Bring to
light the intuition you already have and open the doors to touching the divine.



Never wonder if you’re making it up again – know your ability is real. Discover the feeling of true insight with a reliable system of confirmation. So you’ll know. Every time.



Turn up your psychic sensitivity for more messages, more often. Our small group delivers confidence by practicing together – it’s safe, even for total introverts.

Doubt and overthinking are the enemies of psychic ability.


If you’re ready to open the doors of your soul to access your natural connection you’re in the right place.

My Psychic


the divine within

Six Live 90 minute group calls in a small group with hands-on, practical exercises

Access the 'clairs' in a natural way so you know you're psychic and build confidence.

Discover how face-palmingly simple this really is. Never buy another psychic course again.

3 days no questions asked refund - if you wanna break up no awkward conversations

Access to a private ongoing membership upon graduation.

Enrol and begin right away

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 Does just the concept of psychic development make you feel…wobbly, 
Yet you’re still thinking about this course because something keeps nudging you?

Do you have

fraud syndrome?


 under attack by

niggling doubts?

Or perhaps you’re



This fairly common concern actually proves you’re a good human – you care and have integrity. My Psychic Soul will build confidence from the inside first, so you can prove it to yourself instead of others.

Learn a foolproof method for checking insights and increasing accuracy.

Be unruffled with “no’s” and learn how to handle them.

Done so  many psychic courses, but none of them really hit the spot.

You’re over the passive armchair participation and ready to help transform yourself and others in the way you always wanted but never found.

The truth is, your psychic ability is only as good as your awareness of your own soul. 
Denise Litchfield clairvoyant

You’re ready for someone to learn from and bounce off. Someone who’s been there and got the t-shirt when it comes to psychic development training.

Someone who walks the talk and calls B/S on New Age fluffnuggets. You want a teacher to make you feel safe while gently applying the boot to your backside.

I’ll do that. Hi, I’m Denise Litchfield.

My psychic training started at 11 armed with a deck of tarot cards and a ouija board. Now I help others on their spiritual journey in real and hands-on
way, minus the crushed purple velvet.

Whether you’re a fearless beginner ready to fast track your hunches or a seasoned medium upgrading to evidential  skills, My Psychic Soul is made for you. 


It’s a no fluff, straight to the point, easy going environment with a great mentor who teaches the basics and the simplicity of this work.

- Alisha Jade

I opened up my gifts, and now I offer intuitive sessions as part of my business.

- Karen Gunton, author

Denise can’t make you psychic. She’ll show you that you already are and that you can trust yourself.

- Sue Mc Keirnan

My Psychic


the divine within

My Psychic


the divine within

on enrolment

No need to wait – start accessing your soul wisdom straight away, even before the group training calls begin.

The Facebook group is brimming with even more resources and there’s a mini one-hour self study course to get you started.

The Facebook group is also where you can ask ANY question and receive support and extra help by me.

It’s where all call replays are posted in case you miss one.


group call 1&2

We get right into it.
We introduce the essential inner process that opens the door to your own soul so that you can start working from there. 

Facts not fluff is our mantra here.

The live calls coach you through so you will have a safe place to explore and review replays as needed.

group call 3:

More small group exercises.
The aim is to help you see that psychic skills have been there all along.

All we’re doing is uncovering and remembering.

Relax and feel safe and supported, knowing any calls missed are covered in the replays.

There are no breakout rooms in this course.

group call 4:

The way to all the ‘clairs’ through the soul. This week we prove it. 

The empowerment process given in the beginning gets a test drive and we’ll see how our daily practice has paid off.

You will be working with your psychic ability each call, and the only person you need to prove it to is yourself.

Have all your burning questions answered in the Q&A.

group call 5:

Dive under the surface of psychic evidence to touch the soul.

This is where the transformation happens and we go beyond general statements and feel-good fluff.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is, because your soul will already be leading you there.

group call 6:

Touch the world of mediumship.
Now you know how to connect psychically any time you want using only the power of your own soul, let’s go deeper to connect with those in the world of Spirit.

Participants usually find this group call is the most powerful. Get ready to receive concrete evidence of someone in Spirit that you can prove.


Got questions? Thought you might.

What will I get out of the course?

A 100% reliable, repeatable connection to your soul, higher self and the Spirit World, IF you apply the techniques and practices in the course

Practical ways to connect to your intuition anytime, do photo readings and read for others in an evidence-based way. No full moons, trinkets. or cards  necessary.

Is this course delivered online?

It sure is! That way anyone can join us no matter where they live. And worried about tech overwhelm? Pfft! Not a thing because if you can:

Click a button and use Facebook

Download stuff from the internet

Log onto Zoom to attend a call,

you’ll be more than qualified.

Is this live or pre recorded?

Apart from the one hour bonus minicourse, it’s live all the way.

I’ll be there for you over the six week course and beyond. 

Recordings of all the calls are also posted in the private Facebook group.

Are there call replays?

Yes! call replays are essential in a post-COVID world and Zoom fatigue is real.

Each call is streamed live into the Facebook group for revision or to catch up on your own time.

Where are the log-ins and all the theory?

There’s one log in to access the bonus one-hour mini course, but after that, it’s all live and happening in the private Facebook group.

I believe in making it simple as possible with the maximum amount of hands on training.

That’s why coming to the live calls and being involved in the Private Facebook Community enhances your growth much better than a stack of dull videos and worksheets to plough through by yourself. Yawn.

Is this a group program?

Yes. The power of a small group means individual attention and the support of others on the journey.

Will there be breakout rooms?

No. Two reasons:

1. Many of us psychics are sensitive creatures and loathe a breakout room where we can often feel isolated and confused.

2. The majority of golden nuggets and AHa moments come from the group energy, where someone asks a question you never thought you needed but is a game-changer. Watching everyone else work is a way to boost your own skills.


I don’t live in Australia, will the group calls work for me?

While the timing of group calls can’t suit everyone, there is always a recording.

I’ve found that by scheduling calls at times most people can get to works.

Best to check the time zone with your location though.

I’ve never exercised my intuition before. Can you help me tune into it more?

Yes, I sure can!
If you’re willing to do the work, because it’s going to be all you. No magical activations, wand waving or meeting wise old men who give you three magic beans.

This is soul growth, and it’s going to be marvellous.

I’m already psychic, why should I join?

Great! Then you already know how it is.
AND you must be ready to go deeper than the fluff that passes for psychic readings these days.

If you’re over the general fortune cookie type readings and want the kinds of info that touch someone’s soul, (not just the mind) then you’re ready to explore this new way of working.

We go for real info that’s specific, factual and exists in the present or past. No future fantasies or getting mythical beings to do the work for us.

You won’t find any angels, aliens or Spirit Guides turning up in this course. I believe we start with our own soul first and develop a relationship with that before connecting beyond.

And you already DO talk to aliens or your guides, then you better come ready to prove it with facts and info that’s specific and verifiable, because that’s how guides work.

I’m not sure I’m ready, but I’m willing to give it a try.

The application process is a great way to explore that. Why not see if we’re a good fit?

I’m really overwhelmed right now with no time to myself. How much work is it?

Little time to yourself sucks, and My Psychic Soul is all about gifting the time for spiritual and psychic development.

If it feels like a chore, or you can’t devote at least 20 minutes a day, this may not be the right time for you.

What's the deal with the application form?

With small group numbers, I’m curating the exact atmosphere to make sure everyone unfolds their psychic abilities fast and joyfully.

If your application is successful, you’ll hear back from me by email with an invitation to complete enrollment within 24 hours.

After that, your reserved spot may not be guaranteed.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes! Completely non-awkward.

There’s a 7 day no-questions-asked refund window from the date of payment.

I believe in the processes and mentoring I offer, and know it will change the way you receive psychic information.

I want you to feel confident moving ahead. 

As long as you’re prepared to commit to your intuitive growth and set aside 10 minutes a day to unfold your ability, and attend the calls, there will be an immense value from My Psychic Soul.

Even so, if you feel it isn’t for you within 7 days of payment, there’s a full no question asked refund, minus a 20% admin fee.

After the 7 day window, no refunds are offered.


Call info:

MPS call 1: Tuesday, May 17th 10am AEST
MPS call 2: Tuesday, May 24th 10am AEST
MPS call 3: Tuesday, May 31st, 10am AEST
MPS call 4: Tuesday, June 14th 10am AEST
MPS call 5: Tuesday, June 21st 10am AEST
MPS call 6: Tuesday June 28th 10am AEST


My Psychic Soul starts soon. Number of enrolments is capped and entry to the course is by application.

Pay with Paypal or Stripe once accepted.

My Psychic Soul enrolment applications close








  Thank you so much for helping me get out of my own way, slow down and trust my psychic self.
- Kelly James