Online psychic training with no fluff

Mini psychic mentoring

Take your psychic skills from ‘meh’ to marvellous with an intensive three pack of online psychic training. For when you’re done with groups and want the attention and feedback that’s only possible through private VIP mentoring.

With personal feedback on video readings, access to a library of resources and tons of high touch contact, this is more than just three sessions, you’ll have my clairvoyant eyes on you the entire time.




Group psychic training

Seven weeks to discover your unique connection to psychic ability and your guides, see auras, learn photo reading and even remote viewing.
Travel together with other curious intuitives as we answer the call of our souls.
The focus is on practical, no fluff, exercises that showcase your abilities, so that you’ll feel the truth of your messages, and have the skills to connect every time. More here




VIP psychic training

A one-size-fits-all approach to psychic medium skills is not for you. You’re ready to have the invisible doors opened for you by someone who knows the password.
Three months of highly personalised sessions to get the psychic info flowing loud and clear,  and have your unique talents shine.
The VIP online psychic training package gives you the attention and dedication you deserve.  




  Denise can’t make you psychic. She’ll show you that you already are and that you can trust yourself.

Sue McKeirnan 

You’re ready for someone to bounce off, who’s been there and got the t-shirt when it comes to psychic training.

Someone who walks her talk and calls B/S on New Age waffle. You want her to open the invisible doors and place your power in one hand and a cupcake in the other.

Well, hi – that’s me.

I’m here to put the icing and cherry on your intuitive ability– so it suits you. No cookie-cutter process here.

Whether you’re a fearless beginner ready to fast track your hunches, a psychi-curious Mum reclaiming a few hours after kid wrangling, or a seasoned medium upgrading your skills, you have a things in common:

You’ve always known there’s more to life than stacking the dishwasher,

and you could give two hoots about the Kardashians.


You’re super comfy in your own skin

– (most of the time, except when dealing with twits on the road and sad animal movies.)


The nearest and dearest already know you’re psychic 

– they aren’t in the least surprised if you come out of the broom closet. 



There’s always been this fascination

Ever since you were a kid, that you’ve never really had words for. Me? I was ten years old armed with a ouija board and a copy of Led Zeppelin 4, so I get it.

But back to you

You’re ready for quality training with minimal faff. If you’re ready to rock your intuitive superpowers, I’m ready to open the (soon to be UN) invisible doors and sashay you through, with 21st Century psychic training. 

 I went from shy to feeling so much self worth and confidence from working with Denise Litchfield.

- Teuila Jervis

Hey-you must be psychic!

30 mins $77.00
It’s time to finally sort this out in a normal way without the mumbo jumbo.
Learn what your gifts are and how to use them so it suits YOU without having to wear crushed purple velvet.
* Discover your dominant gift and the one that’s waiting to be born.
* Be the boss of your gift, not the other way round and avoid burn out.
* Learn the right and wrong way to give psychic messages your friends will love.
*Finally get over the fear of “what people will think”.

Mini Psychic training

3 hours  $550.00
Ready to explore your psychic ability for real? Maybe you’re reading for clients but it’s a bit “meh”. Let’s make you marvellous and memorable and get the kind of amazing detail you want, and lots of it.
There is a process and you can do it. 
Get results even the hardest skeptic would be impressed with. Three skill based personal sessions  to polish your psychic skills.

Mini Mentoring  – Mediumship

3 hours $550
Want the intensive personal training of one to one work without the price tag? Work with me over a series of three sessions to explore and perfect your mediumship skills.
Bring better messages and trust your connection to Spirit even more.
If you feel the presence of those in the next world and want to make meaningful contact, this bundle could be for you.

 I’ve dabbled in the psychic arts on and off my whole life, and Denise is the psychic mentor I’ve been waiting for!

- Tez Caldow Verney

The Psychic Connection Package

Group program with one on one mentoring  $770

When you’re ready to confirm your psychic ability and get results. The magical combination of a small group to train and practice with plus the personal attention of one on one mentoring. 

  • Get the secret sauce process that makes all this possible.
  • Learn how to connect to your guides, others and most importantly, your higher wisdom.
  • Experiment with games and exercises to prove you can really do this.
  • Be intuitive on your terms, not anyone else’s.

The Psychic Connection Package is a small group program run live so you get 100% attention. Want to find out if this is right for you?

VIP psychic training Denise Litchfield

VIP psychic training

one on one mentoring  $1499

You’re ready to commit. You’ve done a few courses and know your way round an oracle deck, but somethings missing.
How would it feel to be able to:
* Get specific details like names and dates
* Confidently follow the threads of information so that you can get even more insights for yourself and those you love?
* Receive bold future potentials from your newly sharpened psychic senses
If you’re done with group training or watching passive pre recorded fodder and want the kind of personalised attention and feedback that’s only possible through a VIP commitment, let’s talk about it.
We’ll work for four months with intensive skill sessions, as well as the opportunity to receive video feedback on your work.
High touch email support, hands on advice and pom-pom shaking throughout our time together, and free admission to the invitation-only Psychic Academy membership.
If being a psychic training VIP blows your skirt up, read more a bout the VIP package here.

But four months is a long time in VIP land. 


Let’s see if it’s a good fit first. Book a digital cake and latte chat with me first.

 She knows your potential, even if you don’t – yet.

Sherry Rees