What if you really are a medium?

Six weeks to prove it to the only person that matters.


Discover your mediumship by doing it.

Refine spirit messages so they touch lives.

Ditch the tips, tricks and templates for what really makes mediumship work – you.

Join the Soul of Mediumship for six weeks of personal mentoring and practical application.

Swap the doubt for real experience.


One 90 minute call a week.

Private FB group for one on one support

No scary break out rooms.

Doubt and overthinking are the enemies of mediumship.


If you’re ready to open the doors of your soul to bring messages that mean something, you’re in the right place.


The simplicity of evidential mediumship. Bring to light your unique way of working with the spirit world that taps into your entire life experience. Even the crappy stuff.


Never wonder if you’re making it up again – know your ability is real. With evidential mediumship, there’s no way to get it wrong, and we show you how in this course.


Turn up your ability to receive details that make the difference. Names, places and life healing info is possible as we practice in a small group.  Introverts welcome.

Soul of Mediumship is a good fit if

You’re already a medium, but the info is sketchy and skims the surface. You know there's more.

You’re done with passive, watch only mediumship development and ready to upgrade in a common sense, provable way.

Your bookcase bulges with DIY mediumship and the couch has a dent in it from sitting on your butt so long. 

You're over doubting yourself and curious to see what's really there for you. 

might not

be good if

You’re happy with general fluff nugget readings that could apply to anyone.

You want mythical creatures, aliens or guides to do all the hard work for you.

You're at the top of your field already. Yay you! 

Working live, face to face on Zoom isn't your thing.

She makes it fun while getting into the deeper sides our mediumship

- Schrae Martin

Soul of mediums

Call time is 10am AEDT 

Tuesdays, 10am beginning January 17th – Feb  28th

Note: All calls are live streamed into the group for replay

 Does the idea of live mediumship – actually saying it out loud make you feel…wobbly, 
(yet you’re still here, looking at this course despite the wobbles?)

Do you have

fraud syndrome?


This is totally normal and proves you’re human – you care and have integrity.

We wouldn’t want it any other way. Let your confidence build so you can prove it to yourself instead of others.

under attack by

niggling doubts?

Learn a stunningly simple method for deeper insights and better accuracy.

It’s called the Soul of Mediumship for a reason. When we shut up and listen to that part, the doubts go.


Or perhaps you’re

just jaded

Hardrive full of watch-only mediumship  courses? They were OK, but something’s missing.

Yeah, I know. If none of them really hit the spot, the missing ingredient is the soul part. Let go of the checklist and dry as dust factoids to bring the spirit person alive with the evidence you share.


Soul of Mediumship starts soon








It’s only (evidential) mediumship when it’s out loud in front of someone who’s got someone in spirit.

The rest is practice for this moment.

You’ve practised enough.

Denise Litchfield clairvoyant

You’re ready for someone to learn from and bounce off. Someone who’s been there and got the t-shirt when it comes to medium development training.

Someone who walks the talk and calls B/S on New Age fluff nuggets. You want a teacher to make you feel safe while gently applying the boot to your backside.

I’ll do that. Hi, I’m Denise Litchfield.

Whether you’re a fearless beginner ready to fast track your hunches or a seasoned medium upgrading your skills, the Soul of Mediumship is made for you.


It’s a no fluff, straight to the point, easy going environment with a great mentor who teaches the basics with simplicity.

- Alisha Jade

The most profound course I’ve ever done.

- Ilze Lee, author

Denise helped me believe I could do it, and gave me confidence to try.
- Angie Valentine

Soul of Mediumship

Got questions? Thought you might.

What will I get out of the course?

A 100% reliable, repeatable connection to your soul, higher self and the Spirit World, IF you apply the techniques and practices in the course

Practical ways to connect to your intuition anytime, when you want, and not rely on the full moon or superstitious trinkets.

A deeper understanding of how your soul and Spirit communicates with you, and an unshakable and awesome aura that shines so bright they’ll have to wear shades.

Will I have to speak?

Yes. It’s only mediumship when youre speaking.

Is this live or pre recorded?

100% live all the way.

Recordings of all the calls are posted in the private Facebook group.

Where are the log-ins and all the theory?

There arent any! We learn by doing and sharing ouropractice, with minimal theory. Come ready wor work for ewach call and you’ll do fine.

I believe in making it simple as possible with the maximum amount of hands on training.

Coming to the live calls and being involved in the Private Facebook Community enhances your growth much better than a stack of dull videos and worksheets to plough through by yourself. Yawn.

Is this a group program?

There will only ever be small numbers in the course at a time, so I can get to everyone. We learn in the group (no scary breakout rooms) and best of all, it rubs off on us by osmosis!

I’m already a medium, why should I join?

Great! Then you already know the dedication needed.

You’re probsbly ready to go deeper than the fluff that can be mistaken for mediumship.

Evidential mediumship mightbe a new way of working.

We go for real info that’s specific, factual and exists in the present or past. No future fantasies or getting mythical beings to do the work for us.

We start with our own soul first and develop a relationship with that before connecting beyond.

I don’t live in Australia, will the group calls work for me?

While the timing of group calls can’t suit everyone, there is always a recording.

I’ve found that by scheduling calls at times most people can get to works.

Best to check the time zone with your location though.

I’ve never done mediumship before.

I love newbies – you’ll feel right at home.

Come to the calls and do the work, because it’s going to be all you.

This is soul growth, and it’s going to be marvellous.

I’m not sure I’m ready, but I’m willing to give it a try.

Why not sleep on it? In the morning you’ll know if it’s your soul desire or not.

I’m really overwhelmed right now with no time to myself. How much work is it?

Little time to yourself sucks, and the Soul of Mediumship is all about gifting the time for disocvering how your soul can naturally connect to the spirit world.

If it feels like a chore, or you can’t come to at least 50% of the calls, it may not be the right time for you.

What happens when I enrol and pay?

Within 15 minutes, you’ll receive a welcome email using the email you paid on PayPal with.

Inside are the first downloads to begin right away.

There’s an invitation to join the private Facebook Community and you’re all set.


Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes! Completely non awkward.

There’s a 6 day no-questions-asked 100% refund window from the date of purchase.

I believe in the processes and mentoring I offer, and know it will change the way you receive evidence from the Spirit World. I want you to feel confident moving ahead.

As long as you’re prepared to commit to your intuitive growth and set aside 20 minutes a day to unfold your ability, and attend the calls, there will be an immense value from the Soul of Mediumship.

Even so, if you feel it isn’t for you within 6 days of purchase, there’s a no questions asked refund of 100% of the course fee.

We start soon, with small group numbers.

Who would you be if the messages were real?


Pay with Paypal.

Payment plan available on request.

Join the group straight away

Soul of Mediumship

  Denise will show you that you’re  already a medium, if you trust yourself.

- Vera Sprothen