How to deal with 'no' in a psychic reading

How to deal with ‘no’ in a psychic reading

As a psychic reader, it’s the one word we all dread: When the client says, ‘NO’. If you read intuitively for clients, and the readings are evidence-based, you will have come across a few no’s in your time. What do we do with them?

Instead of allowing a client ‘No’ to be the pin in your psychic bubble, a ‘No’ can be a gateway to even more amazing info that will have your client spellbound over the gems of accurate info you share. Instead of allowing our power to sag and lose connection, it can be used to strengthen our reading and even gain more respect.

What if you knew how to handle the no’s? What if you had so much faith in your connection to spirit, and information, that you KNOW you’re right even when the person in front of you that said no? Here’s how to handle ‘no’ in a reading.

How to handle ‘no’ in a psychic reading

If you get a ‘no’ or the client has a screwed up face as if to say, “That’s not making sense, ” It doesn’t mean you’re wrong, it’s just misinterpreted information. Provided there’s a good psychic connection with the client, the evidence received intuitively isn’t wrong but it may be lost in translation.

For example, I was training a student recently in this technique and she was being very brave doing a reading on me, learning how to handle “no” like a pro. She had one piece of intuitive info and said: “Are you a hairdresser?” I said, “No,” and I could see her energy droop. I could see her lose all her confidence and feel like giving up. To an untrained reader, a ‘no ‘ can feel huge.

She was encouraged to go back to the exact psychic information that inspired her to ask if I was a hairdresser. She said she was drawn to my hair and there was an image of me in a hairdresser salon.”

Note that she saw me IN a salon, not actually cutting hair. Her clairvoyant info was correct (I’d just come back from having my hair cut) but her mind jumped over to make sense of it by turning me into a hairdresser. See how that got lost in translation? And how easily our mind wants to change it if we aren’t aware of the difference?

When reading, we’re in the psychic zone, so any information we get is usually correct, but it’s what our mind might do in between that can create a “no”.

She saw me in a salon, and her mind decided I must be a hairdresser. When she went back to re-look at what she clairvoyantly received she was right. She saw me IN the salon, not cutting hair and could easily course-correct and give the accurate info.

A “no” is an invitation to yes

When we get a “no”, it’s usually because our mind has switched the info. It gets lost in translation. Once we realise that we can welcome the no’s because it’s an invitation to work deeper and get curious. I love it when clients say ‘no’ in a reading because it makes me work harder and often I get even more interesting evidence that surprises us both.

Handle ‘no’ like a pro

Part of what I cover in private psychic training is how to handling no’s so they slide off like rain instead of rocks. So that our energy and poise aren’t scattered and we can welcome them as a fun part of using our skills.

If you’re already doing psychic readings for clients and have hit a few speed bumps like
  • Managing their (sometimes HUGE) expectations
  • Going overtime then resenting them – or yourself. (Yes…. you do, don’t you?)
  • Getting deeper details like names and dates
  • Artfully touching on tough subjects like addiction, depression or suicide.


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