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Are orbs evidential?

It’s a regular occurrence to see odd light shapes and wonder if an orb. They inspire awe and curiosity about the unseen world, but is it evidence of a supernatural presence or a message?


Are orbs evidential?

Orbs, the little light blobs appearing in photographs, or zooming about in a video. They are fascinating.

In a psychic facebook group I had with over 5,000 women in it, we discouraged posting images of orbs for one reason: It’s so hard to prove the presence of an intelligent spirit world.

Proof is what we look for in evidential work – seeing is believing, and we all want to feel that proof. When I first started exploring evidential mediumship, it was drilled into me to look for the practical before the supernatural.


Look for the natural before the supernatural

There’s a saying that we have: Look for the natural before jumping to the supernatural. In other words, eliminate the regular reasons a blob of light can appear on an image.

Unfortunately, with modern phones, many things can effect an image. All kinds of technical, real-world reasons why we get this funny little blob of light on a photo that has nothing to do with the spirit world.

It’s good to remain open-minded and a little bit sceptical of everything we see, because we can’t prove it. That’s where this word evidential comes in. If we can’t prove it IS the spirit world, and we can’t prove it’s not, where do we end up?


Intelligent communication

Spirit world has a wonderful way of communicating because they are intelligent. There is a supreme intelligence behind it, far more smarter than we are. Why would they place an unrecognisable blob of light on a photo for no reason?

When the spirit world is present it can be felt. It is undeniable. There’s a feeling, and a meaning. This is where spirit photography comes in.

Spirit faces as recorded evidence

Spirit photography are faces that are recognisable from the spirit world. Actual faces the recipient knows, appear.

A spirit photograph needs, two things:

1: The presence of the spirit world.

2: A medium.

The Arthur Findlay College has a tremendous collection of spirit photographs including the one above. I’ve been lucky enough to travel there three times. They have a fascinating collection of actual artefacts.


Arthur Conan Doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle (who wrote Sherlock Holmes). He was a medium himself and a staunch spiritualist. He lost his first son, Kingsley, just after the first World War, and like many others sought to explore communication with the next world. He brought his authorship and scholarship and set about proving life continues after death.

The original plate is above, showing his son, Kingsley looking seven years younger than what he was when he passed.

Remember Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a medium himself. For spirit photography to happen, it needs two ingredients: The power of the medium and the power of the spirit world.


Difference between orbs and spirit photography

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote a book about his research into spirit photography. It’s now available as a PDF. You can see the photos for yourself if you choose to research this even more.

Psychics and mediums work with evidence because they get maligned so often. And that means giving evidence.


Keep an open mind

This is why orbs, random blurry pictures of something that could be something, could not be accepted in my Psychic Facebook Group.

The experience may feel very real. If it feels like a beloved Aunt long passed and there is the undeniable feeling of the spirit world then that’s a treasured moment. Often there are wonderful synchronicities that go along with those experiences that leave no doubt.

But a random white blog on a photo may need a little more common sense applied. Keep an open mind. Keep sensible. Keep logical.

Check the normal before the paranormal.

Check the natural before the supernatural and you will go far in your own personal and spiritual development, and raise discernment as well.

If you’d like support for your own journey, there is over 200 blogs here, as well as over 100 short psychic videos on my YouTube channel.

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