Do you have Spirit guide shame? Does not knowing name, address or shoe size feel inadequate?  Is it annoying when others show off their guides like a new Prada handbag?


Because it used to bug me!

Comparison – it happens in this field as much as anywhere else, and it’s easy to slip into. Luckily this is one area you don’t have to worry. Your guides are present and engaged, even if you’ve never officially “met”. It’s not a test and the psychic police aren’t going to flunk you.

I don’t know my Guide’s names, not even the beautiful Egyptian one who inspired the Speaker persona in my quiz. She doesn’t need to have a name for us to work effectively. Her signature “feel” is enough and I love it when she pulls other magical stunts to announce her presence.

In a world desperate to cash in on self doubt, don’t add Spirit Guide shame to the list. Here’s how to stop it once and for all:


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1. It’s not WHO they are, it’s HOW you work with them.

Having someone else give a flowery and detailed description of your guides might be entertaining, but if theres no personal link or confirmation between you and them, all you have is hot air. Expensive hot air, if you paid for that reading. The best confirmation of a guide’s presence is your own knowing, built up over time.


2. Everyone has a main guide who’s in for the long haul.

Unlike the back stage crew contracted for special areas or times, the main guide never leaves. And the best news is – you’ve already met. Back before birth, when you both hung out in the world of Spirit. In a way, you’re already BFF’s.


3. Guides show themselves in different ways.

If you’re a Seeker from the quiz, and see with the eyes of your soul, images of how they choose to be seen may be the first way they communicate. Unpredictable and instinctive Whoopi’s may notice certain names repeated over a short time, or like her namesake in the film, “Ghost”, have them simply appear and start chatting.

The big feelers, the clairsentients or Sensors may register an energy shift when they move close, or get a certain warm, loving presence. For Speakers, your guides will be eloquent and show up in the words and writings created. Especially if sometimes things you say surprise you.

Unless you are a clairaudient Seashell, who hears with the ears of their soul, or a knowing Sage, whose info plonks into their head like it’s been there forever, you mightn’t ever know a name. Guides could care less about a name and many great mediums in the past had their own names.

It’s us in this world of proof and competition that think we don’t pass muster unless theres a grand name and pedigree to match. Gordon Higginson, (1918 – 1993) who began his mediumship career as a child, had a child guide called “Cuckoo”. He said, “That was not her name: it was the way I called to her, then she would call back. Because of this she was called Cuckoo”. It was a plain and fun name – to suit the child he was.


4. Don’t let anyone tell you who your spirit guides are.

It’s a sacred moment to meet a guide and worth the wait. Having a reading and being told a bunch of names and pedigrees is one thing, but if that’s where the connection stops, your guides are going to be pretty bored.

Whether or not you SEE them or know their names is not as important as WORKING with them to develop the relationship and the boost the signal strength between you. That’s another reason being told who you guides are is a big party pooper. It takes away the fun of discovering them yourself and having undeniable proof.


5. They might not be guides after all.

Spirit guides always feel loving, warm and like home. Anything else is not a guide. Our shadow side – the things yet to clear and see the light of day is very creative.

One of the ways our shadow side works is through fear. I had a client recently who felt presences around her that felt off and wanted help. Looking deeper, we saw it was her own fear of connecting the spirit world. She was a medium, but let every spooky movie ever seen get in the way.

Our fears and old patterns are our best teacher. They want to keep us safe in known territory. Is that where you want to stay?


6. Meet them half way.

Guides are there to work with you. If you’re not moving, neither can they! It’s a team effort. Do your part, check in, and use discernment. Spirit guides aren’t something to elevate your social standing or show off with, they want to help you take the next spiritual step.

Next time someone tries to give you Spirit Guide shame, smile to yourself because it’s not who they are it’s how you work with them that counts.

Would you like to understand more about guides?  Download the Guide to Spirit Guides here.








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