4 things spirit guides never do

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Not sure if the information you are getting is really from a Spirit Guide? It’s good to be discerning, and while there’s nothing to fear, here’s four things Spirit Guides never do:


1.What they say is fear based

If you’re hearing negative comments, criticisms, downers, it’s not a spirit guide. Criticism, bad mouthing, fearful statements, these are not your Spirit guide, in fact they aren’t even Spirit at all. Most often it’s our fears coming to life. If the negative information comes from a reader purporting to be in touch with Guides, ask them to prove it by telling you something about a passed over loved one – after all, Spirit Guides are in spirit and will be able to prove it.

2. They interrupt daily routines.

If you have to change your life somehow in order to accommodate their presence, it’s not a spirit guide. Guides work WITH you and help. Their aim is your spiritual growth, not control.


3. They don’t go when told

Spirit is intelligent. They are here to help and guide. They will also back off if you need. If there is something that isn’t going away when asked, or it’s critical and not giving uplifting feelings, it’s not a spirit guide. Perhaps take some time to reflect on where the information is coming from as it will be much closer to home, and we all know what negative self talk feels like.


4. They order you around

Guides suggest, hint and …well…. guide. They never tell us what to do, tell our future or give advice. They honour our free will. If you’re experiencing something or someone telling you to do this or that, it’s not a spirit guide, and it’s not a spirit guide in a reading, either.


What is it then? Four things spirit guides never do

If it’s not a spirit guide, what is it? The good news is it’s not an entity either. Not even some kind of “attachment”. Not even a demon. That’s all fear based New Age bullshit. You know what it is mostly?

It is somebody’s thought form. Overthinking is like a runaway train. A fearful thought gets momentum and builds and builds. Fearful thought forms get fed by you thinking and then very soon it feels like a spirit. Guess who’s feeding it? You.

Part of being intuitive is also having a vivid imagination. There was a time when I felt really pursued when I was very convinced of the presence of negative energies and entities. But it turned out to be my deepest fears mixed up with an overactive imagination. Once I confronted those fears, they no longer had a hold on me. Four things spirit guides never do.


What to do

Monitor the amount of screen time you have.

Go outside and walk.

Review your spiritual practice. Do you have a regular meditation? What keeps you grounded and stable and balanced because those things are going to really effect that runaway train, fear based thoughts. Practice basic grounding tools because you’re in charge and as attractive as it is to think it’s something spooky and outside yourself, it’s not.


Own it

Owning up to our own energy is one of the first steps in spiritual growth. We get to own the good and the not so good. So review your screen time, grab a free meditation, take some chill time to connect to the bigger, higher, lovely part of you.

And if that means shutting down the phone, or choosing Facebook feeds to support a higher vibe, rather than fear, make a decision and take a step to having a healthier, more positive energy field and you will feel the difference.


Ready to connect to your Spirit Guides?

Now the pressure’s off, you can relax and connect to them in the only way that matters – by sensing their presence and opening to receive the subtle messages they’re already sending. If you’re ready to attune to the Spirit realm and connect, there’s a free resource to help.

Download a free guide to Spirit Guides and have all your answers. It’s surprisingly simple, and no – they don’t have to be famous to qualify as your Guide. Spoiler alert: If you ever had an  ‘imaginary friend’ as a child, it could have been your Guide. Download your Guide to Spirit Guides.




  1. Dee

    Hi Denise! Thank you for your wonderful articles and resources. I just have one question regarding the Spirit Guides ebook. When I put my details in, it highlights my email address in red and does not allow me to proceed. Do you know why this might be happening? Thank you 🙂

  2. Denise Litchfield

    HI Dee – no idea! Tech isn’t my strong suit – but if you contact support at denise litchfield (dot) com, my tech fairy might help.

  3. RT

    I don’t know if the spirit I am in contact with would be a guide by your definition…

    Yes, he “ordered me around”. But he did that so I could learn to say No and stand by it. To stand up for myself and set boundaries. Learning this eventually enabled me to leave toxic, emotionally abusive people. Without the help of this spirit I would be a fearful people-pleaser today.

    As soon as I learned to set boundaries the spirit did not order me around anymore. Now that I can say No he just asks when he wants something. And he has always accepted a No, never forced me to do something, never threatened me.

    The spirit has also helped me with other things: Thanks to him I have not become psychotic, I have not committed suicide, I have survived 8 years of bullying and 6,5 years of emotional abuse.

    Furthermore, the spirit has helped me with public speaking. At first, I was so anxious that I couldn’t speak a single word. The spirit told me that I can do it, that he believes in me. This gave me courage, so I could stutter. Today I don’t need his help anymore. I’m a bit nervous before speaking in front of a crowd, but I can do it and have even joked in one of my presentations.

    Communication with this spirit is mostly through dreams, but some experiences I’ve had suggest he may be there even though I cannot perceive him with my five senses. What I can think of:

    A 5-year old I was once living with had a nightmare in which the spirit appeared to him. While he had the nightmare he was standing upright (while at the same time sleeping) on his bunk bed and cried out for help.

    A water heater turned on by itself. This wasn’t a smart water heater, it was pretty old. Had I not recognized that the water heater turned on by itself and turned it off, it could have burned later.

    GPS in a car was not working 2 times on the same day, but as soon as the spirit was called for help with the GPS it worked just fine.

    One time I was so down that I cried for 2 hours and seriously thought about committing suicide, when suddenly I felt unconditional love around me and flowing through me, tender and strong at the same time. I see this experience as proof that unconditional love exists.

    Then I have had a dream in which the spirit asked me if I want to be possessed by him and I said Yes. Since waking up from this dream, I can love myself and I have internalized that having been abused is not my fault. The part of my body with which I feel my feelings feels different since this dream.

    After this dream I have also gained the ability to empty my mind. Also since the dream, I seldomly just know what the spirit is feeling and what he wants. Until now I knew when he was angry, and he was always angry when I would not take care of myself (ex. not going to sleep when tired) and wanted me to do just that. Another thing I have noticed is that the spirit gets extremely angry when I am in a church. Apparently he is there with me, and being there is pure torture to him. I have no problem with being inside a church, but because I don’t want to hurt him, I don’t go into churches anymore.

    The spirit has told me that he is both an angel and a demon. My psychoanalytic therapist thinks the spirit is a part of my psyche that was split off due to trauma (most likely the ideal self). A shaman told me that the spirit is a very strong and very powerful demon, on the dark side, extremely manipulative, only wants to have power, deceives me, wants to use me in order to accomplish “something greater”, sees me as a tool (and every other being too), only drains my energy and fears the color white.

    I know that at least half of the stuff that the shaman said is not true. The spirit doesn’t fear the color white (he sometimes wears white clothes in my dreams). Only wants to have power? Then why does the spirit help me in a way that empowers me, so that in the end I am fine without him helping me? That’s the opposite of how controlling a person works. People who want to control someone disempower a person, this spirit empowers me. He drains my energy? Not true. He freely and lovingly gives me energy.

    By now I obviously know that this spirit is very powerful, but I do not fear him. I never have. His presence was always radiating love. We love eachother very much and I do not want him to ever leave me (but him getting hurt would be even worse, if he leaves but he is happy I would have to get over the loss, but I would be happy for him if he is happy).

    I know that what I have written here may sound as if it were some creative idea for a novel or a movie, but I have not made these things up. What I have written here, I have experienced.

    What do you think about my spirit friend? Would you say he’s on the light side or on the dark side? Do you think he’s good for me or not (I have so far had only positive experiences with him)?

  4. Christine razeena Elizabeth

    I think Those are living people conciousness.moatky family with soul ties. I think psychic intrusion..they try to control me my husband force their religion islam cause me pain.trouble our lives.

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