Make it stop

When psychic ability is overwhelming

When psychic ability happens too fast, it can feel overwhelming. This happened to a friend recently, who already knew she didn’t need the sage and crystals for protection, but also felt a huge upsurge in spiritual awareness. She wanted to slow it down, but worried if it would be there again when she was ready.

Psychic ability can be stopped and started at will.

We all crave big spiritual awakenings, but they can be intense! It’s OK to allow time to integrate new psychic awareness. Just send out the request in your mind, from your soul, asking for things to dial down a bit. Who are we asking? Maybe ourselves, our higher selves and maybe our Spirit Team, it doesn’t matter as much as the request to slow things down is sent.

It happened to me

Years ago when I was an incredibly keen, impatient mediumship student in a frantic rush to ‘get there’. I was pushing my soul growth fast and hard, attending regular development circles, sitting in the power and signing up for all the UK mediums classes.

My soul literally begged for a burning bush experience and I got it. Then I asked for it to stop.

make it stop

Sitting for the power in a development class, I felt the now familiar rush of the spirit world joining, only 100 times more intense. My nervous system went into alarm, not understanding the new incoming energy and I wiggled my toes to get back to normal mode.

When I opened my eyes, coloured lights surrounded everything, my teeth chattered like I was in a snow storm, and I was positive someone punched me in the solar plexus.

The coloured lights were pretty, but regular seeing was hard. I wanted to make it stop. The morning after sending out the request to Spirit, the coloured lights and extra senses were gone. I spent the next five years wanting it back

Spiritual growth goes as fast as your soul capacity.

That was the lesson learned from my experience. One day, who knows. the petty coloured lights and all the rest may return and by then, I’ll have the capacity and wisdom to apply them.

Until then, it’s appreciating the small incremental changes that signpost the way to spiritual growth.

Knowing we get to ask and be in control of it is reassuring. Having a break for the soul to catch up is great self care. Trust the path is falling into place beautifully, because that’s the intelligence in the spirit world.

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