Typically seen on Facebook as a marketing tool, “pick and reveal” readings usually consist of three numbered cards with an instruction to and pick one and return later for the answer. Today I’m getting ranty about why they’re a waste of time and how they sell talented psychics short.


There’s no actual reading going on

About the only thing pick and reveal readings do is improve the Facebook algorithms by making you to come back to their page for the result. Hate to break it to you but there’s no intuitive content in those readings.

You’re selling yourself short with this style of reading. Because the intuitive component isn’t there. The reader is not “reading” anything. They are laying out cards. A machine can do it, and often does.

The beautiful, energetic skills of a psychic reader are not being used. Its such a shame to undersell the gorgeous psychic muscles you were are born with that you’ve worked so hard to get over the last year, month, lifetime.


It’s lazy

By laying out three cards, the reader allows the recipient to do all the work. They pick, and then make meaning from whatever cut and paste result shared for that card. In a way they are the psychic ones as they are left to draw whatever meaning they get. That’s a bit back to front, isn’t it?

Think about it. You lay out the cards, they pick, they get an answer you’ve already written out, or gotten from a book. Where’s the connection? Where’s the individual insight and connection to that person to make that message meaningful? A psychic connects deliberately into someone’s energy field, or a group of energy fields if reading for a collective.

Once connected, a good psychic reading brings out info relevant to that connection. The magic is in the connection, not the cards! That’s why a good psychic can read tea cups, palms runes, even clouds if they know their stuff.  Don’t miss out on a chance to showcase your unique psychic talents with a generic reading.




There’s no connection

By selling yourself short with a pick and reveal, it’s not actually doing any psychic work. The reader isn’t reading, you’re just reciting. There’s a big difference to the level of transformation and Aha factor, and healing, that your recipient is going to get.

What kind of reader would you like to be? Do you want them to do all the work, or make it super memorable by connecting to them in a meaningful way? One way is like a drive though hamburger and the other is a four course dining experience with swanky white linen. It’s why Pick and Reveal style readings are discouraged in my facebook Community, the Psychic Playground. We’re all about growing our intuition there, and being the type of psychic that people want to book.


Make it meaningful

Yep – I get it  – sometimes the drive thru hamburger is only what you need, but to get the real signposts in life we’re gonna need a more soul nourishing diet. Pick and reveal style readings may have a place as a marketing tool and but does that give a real taste of what it’s like to work with you?

If you’re drawn to a certain reader, DO check out the reviews, watch them for a while and see if they pass the “sniff test.” It’s good money on the line and I’d love for you to have your soul fed in a four course reading experience with the little chocolates at the end. Still snacky? My menu of readings can be pursued here.




YAAS! Booklet heading you way!