pick and reveal readings are a waste of time

Pick and reveal readings are a waste of time

Pick and reveal readings usually appear as a photo of three cards with the instruction to pick one and return later for the answer. Here’s why they sell your talents short and fail as a marketing tool.

There’s no actual reading going on

The only thing pick and reveal readings do is improve the Facebook algorithms by increased post visits. And to what? How does a talented psychic demonstrate expertise when there’s no intuitive content in the reading.

The beautiful, energetic skills of a psychic reader are not being used. It’s such a shame to undersell the gorgeous psychic muscles you were are born with that you’ve worked so hard to get over the last year, month, a lifetime.

Good psychics sell themselves short, because the intuitive component isn’t there. The reader is not “reading” anything. They are laying out cards. A machine can do it, and often does.


It allows the recipient to interpret

By laying out three cards, the recipient does the work of interpreting the cards and that’s not their job. In a way, they are the psychic ones, drawing whatever meaning comes.

The reader lays out three cards, they pick. They recieve a generic, pre written answer. Where’s the connection?

Where’s the individual insight and special interpretation that shows an actual psychic link between tow people? The magic is in the connection, not the cards! That’s why a good psychic can read teacups, palms runes, even clouds if they know their stuff. Don’t miss out on a chance to showcase your unique psychic talents with a generic, pick and reveal reading.

Pick and reveal readings rarely lead to paid bookings

There’s a big difference to the level of transformation, Aha factors and healing, the recipient receives.

Now this is laid out, what kind of psychic reader would you like to be? I’m guessing it’s one where the reading is super memorable and maybe even brings happy tears.

One is like a drive-through hamburger and the other is a four-course dining experience with swanky white linen. It’s why, as a marketing practice, pick and reveal readings are a waste of time and rarely lead to paid bookings.

Make it meaningful

Yep – I get it – sometimes a drive-thru hamburger hits the spot. But for the real signposts in life a more nourishing soul diet is better. Pick and reveal style readings may be what some do, but do they offer a real taste of what it’s like to work with you?

If you’re drawn to a certain reader, check out their reviews, see if they pass the “sniff test.” It’s good money on the line and you deserve to have your soul fed in a four-course reading experience with little chocolates at the end. Still snacky? My menu of readings can be pursued here.

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