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Are you highly sensitive?

Being an empath or a highly sensitive person is a superpower, not a weakness. There’s nothing wrong with you. About 2% of the population are born feeling things deeply. How many statements do you agree with?

1. You know what people are thinking and feeling.

They think you know a lot more than you do. This can work to your advantage. Having a highly sensitive nature means you pick up on things other people miss.



2. Social harmony is important.

You do backbends to keep the peace. Friends call on you to smooth things over because you have the knack. It’s your innately attuned senses at work for the good of all.



3. You’re more productive in a quiet, secure space.

Open plan offices are not your friend. You probably do best in a small team or working by yourself on projects. Everyone else’s energy surges over you in a big dump.


4. You’re deeply moved by art, nature or music.

And you think that’s a bad thing? In a world already so numb, your gentle open heart is an invitation for others. You’re an emotional leader.



5. You know when someone’s lying.

Your bullshit detector has always been excellent. As a child, you were confused when grown-ups said one thing, but you knew the truth was another. Perhaps you got in trouble for telling the truth and learned the hard way.



6. You pick up other people’s feelings and think they’re yours.

The number one thing most HSP’s feel before they develop a strong energy field and discern between what belongs to them and what doesn’t. Being wide open to feeling is not an invitation to soak up every random piece of information that floats your way. You can function well as an empath and HSP. It takes a bit of training, about the same as learning to ride a bike. And like a bike, once learned, you’ll always know.



7. Your parents were very understanding.

Not! My folks knew how to find me as a kid – follow the trail of snotty tissues. I was a big crier, and lost count of the times my Mother called me “crybaby” and ridiculed my “overactive imagination”. But that was then, and guess what, we’re still here! HSP’s are strong survivors.



8. You prefer solo sports.

Not a team player, are you? There’s too much going on and it’s overwhelming. Competing with yourself is hard enough. Solo workouts offer delicious check-in time that refills your energy systems.



9. Sometimes, you just can’t make up your mind.

You soak up everyone else’s needs and wants, and they jumble up with yours till it’s spaghetti. Plus you’re afraid of hurting anyone and in the end, you hurt yourself.


10. You are unaffected by trends.

People secretly admire your individuality. You never wanted to go with the flow anyway. Stay unique.



11. Loud noises, strong smells and lots of activity are unsettling.

It just gets under our skin, doesn’t it? Knowing when to walk away is key, and using the bathroom is a cool excuse. Headphones are an instant filter. They were created for Highly Sensitive People.


12. You like to have time to decompress.

Time alone is your happy place. You could spend days alone and be content. Too much social interaction or business is like kryptonite. Decompression can also be a short trip to the bathroom at work to re-calibrate or a coffee break.



13. Being in nature is restorative.

Let the earth’s frequency of 5MHz restore and rebalance you. For an HSP it’s mandatory. If a regular meditation practice isn’t yours yet, get out into nature. A walk in the park will do – park benches were made for us.



14. You feel connected to everything.

In a good way, because you’ve learned how to strengthen your energy field, so it buffers the crap and only lets in what’s rightfully yours. The secret power of the empath and HSP is owning a great energy field. And it’s all done with intention.



15. It’s so hard to say no.

The thing we all suck at, right? Boundaries. Every day is a chance to get better at setting the no-go-zone, so don’t beat yourself up if it’s not perfect.



16. Your sensitivity is a superpower.

Yes, it is. I help HSP’s build a strong filter and energy field so they can instantly know what rightfully belongs and what doesn’t. So they can finally say, “Not my circus, not my monkeys.”


How did you do? Could you tick off more than 10? Chances are you are a Highly Sensitive Person and recognise what a special and wonderful thing that is. I write a lot about what life is like for sensitive intuitive people like you. If you’d like to find out more, be on my emails.


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