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When to charge for psychic readings

You’ve done your psychic apprenticeship. You’ve tested your skills and there’s a feeling that if you do ONE more free reading you might explode into a thousand cranky bits.

But charging for your psychic service feels like a such a huge step.
How do you price it?
What if no one buys?

And how to handle the frustration of leaving free readings

How to know you’re ready to charge for psychic readings

Free readings are a fabulous way to build your audience, get known and trusted. They do have a place in every savvy psychic’s strategy, but it’s good to know why you’re offering them.

Check back in with the reason you want to do a free reading. Is it for practice? To try out a new spread or deck, or is it to eventually get more paying clients?

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When I first started I made a decision to offer 100 free face to face readings for my audience online. I wanted to see how being online affected my readings and how to manage all the backstage technical gizmos that the online world include.

If the reason to offer free readings is so that you get more professional it’s a great reason. Whatever it is, be clear about it and offer a way for them to work with you at the end of your free reading.

You’re frustrated with ‘free’

If you’re feeling frustrated that the money isn’t coming, or it’s time to charge and you just can’t see how to do it, that vibe will be felt. There’s a difference in vibe when someone offers a free reading but you can tell it isn’t really free.

You’ve seen those posts… and you don’t like doing the freebies because you’ll really be thinking, “Pay me, pay me, pay me,” underneath and guess what? People feel that! So the second tip is to decide it’s free and give from the heart.

You’re done with testimonials and reviews as payment

You have a zillion reviews, recommendations and testimonials now after doing free readings. This is a wonderful way to build the trust factor, but you’re ready for more.

Frustration is a sign you’re ready to charge. Even if it’s $10, it’s a big initiation so take it slow and easy. Feel into the price that feels right for you. A high initial price can feel just as weird as a too low one.

When free readings become a prison

You’re doing so many free readings you feel like a running tap – endlessly giving. You offer them because you don’t want anyone to miss out. One lady felt so bad for the ones who missed out she accepted them all.

Then she spent every waking minute of the next week filling in her commitment.

Her family lost her for the week, she felt drained and undervalued and vowed to set good limits on how many she’d do after that. She let her own energetic self-care go.

If doing free readings creates a mini prison out of something that was meant to be fun and easy, it’s time to review why you’re doing it. When your passion becomes a prison it isn’t fun. Go back to the main reason why you’re doing this in the first place.

There is always people that will go for the free stuff. They’ll never pay. They know there’s always another psychic out there giving her stuff away. Those people are loyal to the freebie, they are not loyal to you.

When you get nightmare clients

Nightmare clients are the ones you’d never invite to a dinner party, the ones that just aren’t a good match. One way to tell that you’re ready to charge for psychic readings is when you get pain in the butt clients.

  • The ‘brick’ client – who sits there with arms folded and give you judgy looks.
  • The victim client who has a dramatic reason why everything is failing in her life.
  • The ones who don’t show, then want to rebook.
  • The ones who want to hand their life over to you because they haven’t touched their own power.

The best time to charge is when they offer to pay

Yep – that’s right. The Universe will know when it’s time to charge before you do and will send an enthusiastic paying client your way to let you know.

The best time to start charging is when someone offers to pay.

And when they do, make sure you have your reading structure in place so they have an amazingly professional time.

Is it time for you to start charging? You’ll know by now, and when you are, here’s a handy template to reading success so your clients will love you even more.


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