Can control freaks be psychic too OG

Can control freaks be psychic too?

Something a new psychic student does is search for answers, flipping card after card till it’s an awful jumble.

In a reading, the new psychic busts a chakra trying to “get” something, when all it needs is to be still, open and alert. In this world of constant digital connection, we aren’t trained to be still, open and alert.

This is why many shy away from the inner work of the psychic.

Being open, relaxed and alert takes inner work, which can’t be done in a weekend workshop. Done right, it’s not pretty and wont look good on Instagram.

Our head wants to run things

Overthinking and letting the head run things is what we’re used to , so switching that function off can be a challenge. Psychic work is done with the soul. The clue’s in the word itself: Psychic comes from the Greek, meaning ‘soul’.
not searching

For control freaks, this is a challenge

I worked with a lovely private student who had the same issue. She freely admitted she was a control freak too, and we high fived on Zoom over that.

We explored what bringing more openness to her psychic work felt like, and how open she felt in her regular life. because what we do there crosses over on to our psychic and medium work.

There were tears on her face.

She opened.

She was brave.

And the change in the quality of the psychic information was moving and powerful with the truth bumps of heartfelt info. If us control freaks can learn to shut the mind up enough to get decent psychic info, so can you.

Today I came across this quote that sums it up well: Not searching, opening. It’s the real truth to this work – being brave enough to open fully.

Love to hear if you also have a strong mind that loves to interrupt the psychic process.

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