A thousand things can go wrong in a reading. No matter how well intentioned, bad readings can happen to good psychics.

From tech not working or the client forgetting to turn up, even days when you’re not  not feeling 100% or your client only wanting a predictive answer. You could even have someone unwilling to work with you and determined to be the victim to her life.

These are just some of the most common things.


Bad readings do happen to good psychics

Most of the time, it isn’t you fault, but you’ll probably still feel like pulling the doona over your head and eating chocolate for the rest of the week… or is that just me? When tech breaks down, or the dog throws up in the rug, stuff happens. It’s a measure of our professionalism in how we recover, that’s important.



Get your confidence back

When the chocolate runs out and life under the doona’s getting a little manky, it’s time to hop back in the saddle. The only way to fix a bruised confidence is to do the next reading. There’s a saying that’s true in our world too: You’re only as good as your last reading, So if the last one sucked, quickly go do another one!


Then check your perimeters

A sucky reading might also be a great invitation to review your processes. If tech lets you down, get curious to how it can be improved. Does it mean ditching Skype, for example and moving to another online video platform? Or allowing an extra five minutes to double check the tech before the reading? (Since I switched to Zoom, I’ve saved hours of laborious tech admin and the reading experience is so much better for the client.)

Check the subtle messaging in your offers and sales pages to see if it’s accidentally attracting life’s victims. Does your wording reflect you and your style? Who do you love to work with? Make a list. What kind of readings make you wanna throw up a little in your mouth? Write those in a list too.



Attract your dream clients then clone them

The ones you could read for, for ages? The ones that feel like besties? They are your dream client and you want your scheduler to be full of them.

Imagine opening up your email to the most amazing feedback from someone you just had for. What would it say? What kinds of transforming “aha’s” did they have and how about the new plan to move ahead with that thing that bugged them?

Now imagine the person writing it. What are they like? Jot all this down, because this is your order to the Universe. There’s another saying that what you ask for you get, so start asking! Put your order out into the Universe to describe the kind of reading you want to provide and the kind of client you love to work with.


Now check your support system

A support system is the magical container that keeps your reading in a nice little bundle. Like a bowl for the best and most nursing soup in the world. How’s your bowl?

The support system for a great reading has smooth beginnings, meaty middles and a classy ending that wraps up on time every time, with the client eager to leave you glowing feedback. Having a support system  for your reading means that you can concentrate on serving the soup and not worry about splashing it everywhere.

If you’ d like to check your support system, I have a 9 step container below to download that will make sure that bad readings because of some external goof up wont ever happen to you again.



YAAS! Booklet heading you way!