clear your psychic blocks

Clear your psychic blocks

Wanna know my biggest psychic block? Trust. Especially when it comes to trusting my psychic insights. I bet you’re the same because you’re reading this.

Those annoying walls holding us back; the super annoying little voice whispering, ‘You’re not good enough. You’re making it up, who do you think you are?’ The block is usually whatever nagging thing we’ve got – the one that won’t shut up saying, “See, I told you so,” at every small obstacle.

My own psychic block was a handy (big) reason for anything making me uncomfortable or nudging me out of the safe zone.

It was better than Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak (I never got served in cafes because they simply didn’t see me ) and it was so big, I’d cower in the corner some days, under a metaphorical or sometimes real blankie. Yep, my block was my best friend, we had a long history.

Me and my psychic block were besties

But not in a healthy way. Just like judgemental friends you never feel equal to, my bestie block wasn’t doing my self-esteem any favours. It was a great block like that – doing a fabulous job of keeping me shy, small and scared.

I loved my block. It was MY block. My issue. My thing. We were besties because I’d identified with it so much. After all, we had a long history.

Being a psychic after all, I invested heavily in it – because – there must be something wrong with me if there’s a block, right? I ran the gamut of healing. Past lives, tapping, even some weird breathing thing with a guy who was more of a feeler than a healer. Too many hands. Ewwww.

My faithful bestie block still leapt out at convenient moments to keep me safe. It even turned down a snazzy speaking offer at a perfect conference just to keep me safe from criticism. Thanks, bestie block, but I think it’s time we saw other issues.

Clear your psychic block with one word

If you’re ready to break up with your bestie block there’s a gentle (and cheap) way to make space to be in a gentler place with yourself. Ushering in a touch more self-love and forgiveness, it will feel less insurmountable, huge and scary and it’s done in one word.

And that word is ‘the’.

Next time that old conversation rolls around and the ol’ bestie rises up, replace the story you tell yourself with “the”. Instead of saying my bad childhood, my trust issues, my trauma. Play with replacing “my” with “the”, and feel the instant space it creates. An old story becomes, “the bad childhood”, “the trust issues’, ‘the trauma’, instead of ‘my’. See how different that feels?

It works for giant blocks too

Right now, I’m working on a giant monster block reaching back to childhood. It’s a really old story I’ve told myself about how things are, and I’ve told this mouldy old story for 26 years.

Now, I’m practicing saying, well, that’s the story. It’s not my story. It’s the story. I’m still shy around people, but now, instead of saying “People are scary. No one’s going to see me. I’m invisible. No one cares.” I can spot it for the old story it is and think, “Oh, that’s the story.”

So often our grown up self wants to jump in and fix, fix, fix. Or we go off to do a ton of expensive healing or coaching and wail, “How come I’m not fixed yet? How come I’m not further along in my spiritual path?”

Clear your psychic blocks

Where you are is OK

Other people seem to be moving ahead on their psychic journeys and it’s easy to feel despondent because we aren’t where they seem to be on their last Instagram update.

There is a place to be OK with whatever story there is, and the first step to breaking up with your bestie block can be as simple as creating a little space for love to seep in by replacing ‘my’ with ‘the’.

But my psychic block is huge!

And I know you’re probably thinking right now, “That’s great for everyone else, but you don’t know MY block. That can’t possibly work for me. My issue is bigger than everybody else’s issue”. Or, “My issue can never be healed. My issue so big, it’s so special, I’ve tried everything. I’m special. ” Yep- that was a part of my story too. How big and therefore ‘special’ my block was I couldn’t possibly part with it. And still, it worked. It’s just a matter of creating a chink of space to let the light of the divine in.

We go from the hamster wheel of managing our block to simply being OK with them.

Even the gnarly ones. I invite you to try it and see how it feels, and if you’d still like to explore more trust in your psychic info, there’s a one hour mini course called Psychic AF that gets rid of the doubts.


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Semi fictional story about me

In 1994, I had a midlife crisis, got a boob job and moved to Byron Bay.

Quickly realized there was nothing there but more boob jobs and white furniture, so I escaped faux-spiritual beach culture, went to Peru, and experimented with DMT.

While in Peru, fell in love with a Shaman who was really a plumber from Padstow, but stayed because of attachment issues.

After following a puma from the jungle, I holed up in a Scandi-style Air B’n’B and finally got enlightened.

Parts of this story are true.

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