Have you ever felt the pressure to be 100% right in a reading? Or felt weighed down your own planet-sized expectations to forever change someone’s world in one reading? No wonder you just want to hide under the doona and eat chocolate till they go away.If you think your job as a psychic is to know everything, like an automated penny fortune doll, relax – you don’t have to.

But it’s easy to be caught up in the pressure.

Maybe you felt like avoiding it altogether because you thought you had to have all the answers.

Maybe you procrastinated for days with it hanging over your head like a giant black cloud.

In the sincere effort to do a good job, new psychic readers can put themselves under tons of pressure, and squish the love right out of themselves for the thing they most treasure.



Your job as a psychic

So many fabulous intuitive people with great potential get scared when it’s time for them to step out and put their intuitive abilities to use. They have this outrageous idea that people will expect them to know everything at the drop of a hat. Details, dates, times, places, names.

Even though I DO teach how to get places, names and dates, it’s not often the thing that rocks someone’s world. What’s even more amazing is when a psychic makes a genuine connection and works to the best of her ability.

That’s all – You are human, not superhuman (yet) and no one knows everything. Instead, just give what you know, when you know it, to the best of your ability. It’s that simple!

Once you make the connection with your sitter to the best of your ability, you will deliver the information you’ve got. We’re all human. We are not going to know everything, so give yourself a break and allow yourself to show up and be there for your client as a human.



Your life experience plays a major role

Someone who knows a lot about health-related topics, anatomy, physiology, for example, will deliver information based on that wisdom. People who have a special place for animals in their heart will get messages about animals connected with the person. I get a lot of messages about animals because I just love them.

But I struggle with children because I don’t have any. If you think you have nothing to offer, take a moment to look back on your life.

What did you love to do as a child?
What were your hobbies?
What do people say you’re amazing at and compliment you for?

Those qualities will be the exact same things that shine through in your readings, making you the ideal person to read for someone. Remember it’s soul work we’re doing here, and often there’s more at work behind the scenes when someone chooses a reader.



The real fuel for psychic ability is love

Your life passions will be woven into your readings. This is how the things you love in life will make you distinct from other readers. The world needs all kinds of psychic and lightworkers. The world needs what you have! Your unique set of abilities, your love.

Don’t hide in the shadows because you think your job as a psychic is to know everything. Just make that connection the best way you can. Be completely present for the person you’re sitting with. That’s all there is to it.

Well of course there’s the skill of getting names and dates and even more earth shattering info that I teach my students but if you jus nail the things above, that’s going to set you on the road for success.

Of course, if you’d like to know more there’s the Psychic Connection Package  offered to a small group of savvy ladies a few times a year, or there’s a one:one session to fine tune your readings called the Confident Reader. Get paid, pet professional and Get Proud.


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