the professional medium

The professional medium

There are four ‘P’s of mediumship, and together they make a professional medium and psychic. Make these four ‘P’s a priority to be sought out with a wait list.

  1. Power
  1. Presentation
  1. Presence
  1. Pace


Many psychics and mediums aren’t even aware there’s something called ‘the Power’, though they all sense it.

It’s called the Power in traditional evidential psychic and mediumship circles. it’s the fuel for all spiritual work and the ability to sense and follow the Power is a little known ingredient to the professional medium. (Plus it brings amazing evidence!)

Evidential mediums learn to develop and use the power when they develop. Sitting in the power, or sitting for Spirit, as it’s also called is a regular practice for mediums, and something that sets them apart from the rest.


Not sure what the power is?

The Power is a little like meditation, easily learned, and endlessly fascinating. Building the Power and having an awareness of its quality of a reading is another nuance for a professional psychic and medium.

If you’re just discovering the magical world of the Power, so much awaits. There is a dedicated playlist on my You Tube Channel as well as small audio downloads in the Psychic Classroom to be on the way to a professional medium.


Presentation is more than having a nice background to the Zoom call and no food stains on your shirt, though the non-verbals help. The way the professional medium presents themselves and the information is a vital part of the energetics of a successful evidential reading.


It’s the attitude a medium or psychic brings – their joy of the work, the curiosity to see what the spirit world will bring (because they never fail to surprise us) and a genuine love of the life journey.
We can learn presentation too. In the mid nineties I was a presentation judge for the National Aerobics Championships, and those who scored highest had one thing in common: The love of what they did.

Bring 100% love of whatever love there is for the day to the reading and let the love be the conduit for the work.

Even if your knees are shaking, and it’s already four bathroom breaks in, appearing confident helps. Let the love of the work lead and the rest will follow.
  • Lean into rather than out of the energetic space on Zoom or a private sitting.
  • If standing, move about if and let the power guide you.
  • Make eye contact.
  • Use someone’s name or relationship. Eg: Your Dad/Grandmother vs this person.
  • Smiling and active listening.
how to be a professional medium


Mediums and psychics working evidentially love to score the yes’s in a reading. The more the better. They might be confident when the client says, ‘no, I don’t understand that’, and use their training to troubleshoot the ‘no’ to get it right, but a ton of ‘yes’ not proof of a fabulous reading.
Would you rather have a medium working hard for the spirit person despite lots of ‘no’s, but conveyed the emotion and essence of the spirit person so well it brings tears?
Presence is also the presence of the Spirit World – a professional medium who brings the memories alive for the client. Bringing the presence makes a reading way more memorable than a high ‘yes’ count. Having the depth of connection to bring the memories and funny quirks back is what makes others pass your on name to friends.

How to bring presence?

Having an expanded capacity for empathy and enough soul growth to be able to literally walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.
Communing at that level brings their presence alive. The kind of thing a whole room feels. It is the difference between a medium working at a safe distance, and one who dives in ready to meet anything.

Pacing for the professional medium

One thing most mediums abhor in a reading is silence. The long pause while a recipient wracks their memory to before they say ‘yes’ to evidence. Silences are a hat pin in the balloon of our power and good readers don’t allow it.

The power of a reading depends on pace and that means we keep it rolling.

Too fast, and we’re leaping ahead of the spirit person or the living recipient and they feel pummelled by the information. Too slow, and the power drains and everything feels flat and heavy.

Develop a sense for the Goldilocks level of ‘just right’ pace, where if the recipient pauses, clearly wracking their brain, (or too polite to say no) we automatically assume it’s not quite correct and treat it as if it were a ‘no’.

Pace is everything and we don’t let pauses or interruptions get in the way. Not sure what to do when a recipient doesn’t get the info? I have the tips here in this blog.
So there’s a quick dive into the four factors that make a professional medium. The four P’s are something to work toward for an intermediate level psychic reader who might be looking to raise the bar.


We never stop growing, and there’s always something new to experiment with. Know someone who might like this post?


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