Trusting your psychic senses

I thought I was making it up. The voice of my psychic self wasn’t as loud as the voice of my inner critic. Information arrived in a whole new way and it felt strange and wobbly. I discovered, like a new friendship, trusting your psychic senses takes time.

Imagine being snuggled up on the couch with a movie. From where you are you can’t see the door. Someone enters, someone you know and love. What happens?

Because it’s someone you know and love, their energy signature is already familiar. There’s no need to take your eyes off the move because a part of you knows who it is. It’s an inner knowing. That is what it’s like to trust your psychic senses.

As I got to know my inner self and how it felt, it became more recognisable; I learned to trust it more.

Psychic information is like daydreaming

We get our psychic information from the same spot in the brain as daydreams. Right brained, imaginative people make great psychics, and it’s also easy to see why we’d think we were making it up

When doubts arise, congratulate yourself. It shows integrity and a willingness to honestly approach the practice. Doubts offer a time to check in. Welcome them as a chance to allow ego to drift even further away.

In one psychic development class, we worked on psychic vision. We had to “see” into a closed envelope and describe the picture inside.

I groaned inwardly. The exercise was like trying to assemble a desk from IKEA. My brain went into overdrive – a bad sign for psychic work. Just as I was about to give up, A small, inner voice said, “It’s the Taj Mahal”.

I ground on, never daring to give that answer. And when our teacher pulled the picture from the envelope? It was the Taj Mahal.


learning to trust your psychic senses

Psychic senses are subtle

And because they are so subtle, and I was a beginner, I didn’t trust it. I thought my intuitive voice should sound like Yoda. But it doesn’t. It’s a quiet, still, voice that you need to get quiet to hear. Quiet in your own head so it can be heard.

The more stressed out you are, the further away from that wonderful soul connection you become. Learning to trust the information given is a huge step in developing as a psychic.

Helping budding sensitives understand their psychic superpowers is what I do. After over 40 years figuring it out the hard way, I offer straight talking, user-friendly guidance to anyone curious or overwhelmed by their psychic senses. Take a look at the trainings offered here.

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