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Visions before sleep – is it spirit?

Ever had little movies and visions in your mind’s eye just playing in front of your eyes before sleep?

It can clairvoyance at work. The reason it’s just before sleep is it’s when the mind is quiet. The soul and higher self don’t have to fight against the usual day time thoughts of dog walks, deadlines and dishes.

In that waking alert state, also known and the beta state of the mind, psychic information has a harder time landing. That’s why psychics learn to train their mind to get to that ‘just before sleep’ stage of calm alertness before they work.


How to get more visions before sleep

That calm, alert mental place is when we connect to our soul, and the spirit world. We branch awareness out to something beyond the dishes and dog walks to touch where our soul resides, and everything beyond.

If you’ve ever had these lovely visions before sleep, you’ll want more. It’s great to have them come, but what if we want them on demand?

That is where psychic training happens. In order to create more clairvoyant visions, we need to re-create the same mental awareness that happens to make the little movies we see in our mind.

The process to connect to spirit for our clairvoyance is called ‘sitting in the power’, or ‘sitting for spirit’, because rather than lie down in bed, we sit up in daylight and recreate the same, daydreamy mental wavelength.

visions before sleep

Sitting for spirit

It’s like meditation, but specific for accessing a higher level of consciousness, accessing the soul, accessing an awareness, and also growing our own soul.

Sitting for spirit is a discipline because, in order for the visions to come, we need to understand how they come and where they come from. (Hint: Our own soul connection).

When the visions before sleep happen, the mind is clear and quiet. If loved ones in spirit are around, they will make contact then.

Little visions are a wonderful invitation to explore the soul more and see what else there might be in the form of messages and soul awareness. It might even be an invitation to expand the third eye.


Something to help connect

I wrote a tiny, tiny book to help you learn to connect to the spirit within. It’s called Falling Up. Meant for nervous new mediums who might already be having clairvoyant or other experiences, to make sense of that feeling of connection and help boost it.

It’s a super tiny book available from Amazon, and most good book places.


Falling up 14

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