10 ways to open the third eye

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While everyone has access to second sight, you might be keen to exercise your natural intuition. Here’s ten ways to open the third eye to start today:


1. Use the screen of your mind

Don’t ignore the images seen when you close your eyes! The screen of the mind is a fertile place and the easiest way to use the third eye.
ACTION STEP: Put on some calming music and sit a while with closed eyes. Allow your mind to get calm and ask a question. Be aware of the images you see in your mind. Take the first thing that comes, knowing it’s a message. If it docent make sense right way, note it in your journal for later. Your guides and helpers will be training you to notice and pay attention.

2. Create a mantra 10 ways to open the third eye

How many times have you thought  “I can’t see anything ?” or, second guess what you DO see? Imagine flipping that statement around to the positive. Words are things and have energy. Part of opening the third eye is trusting the images that DO come.
ACTION STEP: Repeat the positive affirmation, “I am profoundly Clairvoyant. It is safe for me to see.” In doing this, you rewrite your belief and trust in your ability to access your intuitive sight. More on positive psychic affirmations here.
  • I am calm and open and I trust what I see
  • My third eye is opening at the perfect rate for me
  • I Do see things from the corner of my eyes
  • My inner eyes are becoming more perceptive
  • It’s safe for me to see


3. Notice things from the corner of the eye

Our eyes receive images differently from the corners of the eye than the front. It has to do with the inner structure and anatomy of vision.
This is why we sometimes see things from the corners of our eyes, but when we look again it disappears  Trust that what is seen in the peripheral vision is actually seen!
ACTION STEP: What can you see right now from the corner of your eye? Notice it and practice. Take something to focus on straight ahead. Keep the gaze there. Now notice whats on either side of that, tend the angle more and more till you are able to see things right at the sides of your vision.

4. Explore scrying 10 ways to open the third eye

Scrying is an ancient art that easily updates to contemporary psychic work. It doesn’t even need a crystal ball. Just find something that’s semi see-through, like a dirty window on a rainy day, gauzy curtains or the fog on the mirror after a steamy shower.
Let your eyes rest on the surface but not stare, in a similar technique to seeing auras, where the gaze becomes a little fuzzy and relaxed. We’re not exactly looking for anything, but allowing the mind to almost drift till an image builds in the imagination prompted by the gaze. If you’ve ever seen shapes in clouds, you’ll be a whizz at this. Scrying disciplines the mind and gives focus and endurance – a must for anyone who wants to open their third eye.
ACTION STEP: Do you have a favourite clear crystal? Choose one for scrying. A bowl of water will also do.
10 ways to open the third eye

5. Use Your Imagination – duh!

No really – All those times you got told off for daydreaming in class or to pay attention? That was you working on your third eye. Take that Grade 5 teacher!
Clairvoyance is translated in the same place in your brain as imagination. Those images arriving from your soul connection (clear-sight) often appear in the same way as the imagination does. The more you practice imagining things, the greater your clairvoyant muscles (and your third eye) will become.
ACTION STEP: Goof off. Stare out the window. Put down the phone and let your eyes drift where ever then, just like letting a balloon go, let the and drift with it. Best not done when talking with your loved one. But seriously – put the phone down.

5. In Your Dreams

The imagery in your dreams often contains intuitive messages from Spirit Guides and Angels. When you work to develop your dreaming capabilities to see, you are opening your capabilities to see in your waking life simultaneously.

ACTION STEP: Get a dream journal. Not every dream will be a Moses from the mountain experience, but enough psychic breadcrumb trains will lead you to more insights. Just don’t Google dreams. Waste. Of.Time.

6. Learn Symbolism

Your Higher Self and your Spirit team will often communicate through you with images of symbolism. Symbolic images come through your third eye and are rich in detail and metaphor. The more you pay attention to and focus on the symbolism that you see, and the more you trust it, the more intuitive information you’ll receive through your third eye.
ACTION STEP: Add symbols to your dream journal. No Googling, because these are your symbols and only hold meaning for you. Soon, your higher self and you will have a series of image short cuts that mean big stuff. Like having your very own personalised deck of oracle cards.

7. “Magic Eye” 

The spiritual sight that comes through your third eye is best seen with softened vision. Magic eye images are so good for this because they make you relax the vision and not try so hard. The more you ‘try’ to see, the harder it is to actually see. Practice looking at things with relaxed, fuzzy vision and you may even see an Aura!
ACTION STEP: Go find some magic eye images to play with – promise it’s worth the frustration.

8. Dim all the lights, sweetheart

No, it’s not the Donna Summer song, but it could be. Subtle energy is visible in subtle light. The harsher the light, the harder it is to see the gentle, light, blurry colours and shapes of energy around people (auras) and from Spirits. Soften the lights and it’s easy to see the softer more gentle appearances of energy and Spirit. That’s why mediums of last century had such wonderful results because they worked by candlelight or the soft glowing coals of an open fire.
ACTION STEP: Practice scrying in dim light, seeing auras works best like this too.

9. Relax

Sounds like a no brainer, but trying too hard can crash your third eye. Having a playful, non attached approach yield best results. That’s why kids are amazing at all these exercises. There’s no expectation or loading. I often joke with my students by asking them to pretend they’ve had three glasses of wine before doing clairvoyant exercises. It creates the right attitude of detachment they need.
ACTION STEP: Have three glasses of wine. Not really, but pretend you have then go back and play with any of the above steps. Having three glasses of imaginary wine is how I teach all my students when they want to learn how to open the third eye.

10. Do the Clairvoyant AF mini course

Finally, if DIY has got you this far and you’re ready for more, enrol in the Clairvoyant AF mini course. Guaranteed no New Age bullshit and commonsense third eye skills. Everyone has their own style and you will be one step closer to yours.
Clairvoyant af


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Am I psychic?

Am I psychic?

Mainstream religion and the New Age actively sell the idea psychic ability exists outside of you, or only to a (chosen by them) few. This is a lie. Being psychic is part of being human, so ‘Am I psychic?” YES!

Am I psychic?

Am I psychic?

Mainstream religion and the New Age actively sell the idea psychic ability exists outside of you, or only to a (chosen by them) few. This is a lie. Being psychic is part of being human, so ‘Am I psychic?” YES!

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