You’re ready to play with oracle cards to enhance your intuitive skills, so it’s natural to want the perfect one. One Google search spits out a zillion results in under 1 second. How can you choose an oracle deck like that?

If you’re more of an in person shopper, browsing through the New Age section of any book story will be a great way to spend the afternoon. But what if you STILL cant decide? Here’s how to choose an oracle deck the easy way.



You can’t mess it up because you’re intuitive!

So let’s not overthink it. You can buy up all the decks you come across, but that gets expensive and your partner is going you weird looks, you can follow these tips:

Right now, I only have four decks and I got my first at 11 years old. Right now I  only use one.  When you go shopping for oracle cards, make sure you feel them. Hold them in your hands, flick through them and pay attention to how they feel to you.

Do they feel right? Because they’ll be spending not of time in your hands. Are they too big for you to manage? They need to have that ‘Goldilocks, just right feel’.

Look for a deck that has as little text on the cards as possible.

Working with your intuitive mind happens best with cards that have little text on them. Your intuitive mind loves pictures as images stimulate the imagination. You will be drawn to different elements in the image that trigger your intuition and inspire you to speak. The more your intuition is triggered with images, the better the cards work for you.



The magic is not in cards.

This is the real reason you can’t mess up choosing the right deck – because the magic isn’t in the cards – it’s in you!

The cards are catalysts, the triggers, inspiring the insights and information that comes from a psychic connection. This is where your guides and  helpers come into the picture. Your higher self will bring through the information via symbols, ideas and thoughts, if you h=can establish a decent enough psychic connection.


They are just a window for your soul to work.

Since the information isn’t in the deck, there’s no point overthinking when choosing an oracle cards. The deck is just a starting block.

There are some beliefs “out there” that you need to tap your card three times or sprinkle salt on it or dance around it under the full moon. It wont make you a bette reader, or make the cards work better, but it can help you get you into the right headspace. If that is something that works for you, by all means, do those things. I’m here to tell you though that you don’t need to.

Just get those cards and start playing with them. Make friends with them, use them, handle them. And the guidebook? You don’t need that either.

Let the cards be a window to your higher self and a portal to your guides and higher knowledge. If you’d like some extra help with becoming a better reader, you can join my Facebook group, the Psychic Playground or if you’re ready for some personal mentoring you can book a ‘Confident Reader’ session with me.



YAAS! Booklet heading you way!