A gatekeeper is supposed to make psychic life easy. Much like a bouncer, their job is to keep the riff raff out. It was a way to assign the messy job of spiritual boundaries over to an outside source. Many people still think a gatekeeper is a kind of guide.

But here’s the catch: A gatekeeper isn’t a guide – it’s part of YOU! As we become more enlightened about how the Spirit World works, we now know a Gatekeeper is more like a thought form containing our own boundaries. Rather than someone taking the “job” of caring for your energy, they are an embodiment of all the things we need when working with the unseen world. Watch the video or scroll down to read the whole story.


Huh? So it’s not a Guide?

The idea of gatekeepers is a bit old fashioned now. These days the Law of Attraction is almost everyday knowledge, and we know our thoughts create our reality. In the 21st Century we’re understanding our power more than ever.

Assigning responsibility to an external “someone” is a little lazy and not how a Guide would work. Guides help us on our spiritual journey, and that often means allowing us to discover what our boundaries are.

A gatekeeper is now seen as the energetic repository for our boundaries. Its the personification of all our house rules. After all, even if there WAS a spirit helper to do our protections for us, we’d still have to tell them what we wanted.


What will your house rules be?

Energetic house rules will make your life so much easier. Just like we have a doorbell telling when someone’s there, your energy will be alerted to a presence. Once done your house rules may include:

  • Installing a front door
  • Deciding when the door is open and closed
  • Paying attention to the feel of the energy
  • Early detection of trouble both in this world and the next.
  • Having a strong filter of “high vibe only”.


Now the fun starts

Now that we know responsibility for our energy lies with us the fun begins.
Boundaries are always a work in progress, ever evolving as we do. Sometimes we only discover them after someone’s run into our energy house with muddy boots, or when that client is a no-show for the third time.

Don’t feel bad if they don’t happen right away. As you build your house rules, there will be natural ups and downs. Remember back to a time you set a limit – there was usually a settling in period, or someone who challenged it?

Even now, the universe loves to challenge me when I set time off. There will always be an “emergency” client who needs me right at that time! I’ve learned to stand by my own rules and not let the inner “rescuer” come out to sabotage.


Building our Gatekeeper selves

Because our Gatekeeper selves are a work in progress, there’s lots of ways to start. Here’s a few:

  • Keep a section of your Spiritual Growth Journal for recording boundaries in. Add and amend as needed.
  • For ones that feel hard to enforce, write them on a post-it note on the bathroom mirror as a reminder.
  • Set aside meditation time to feel into new ones. Will you let Spirit wake you in the middle of the night or not?

Setting these limits flows into your energy field and becomes like a psychic signpost for all to “see”. Your boundaries radiate out into the world and suddenly everyone’s treating you better. Even in this world! Most of all you can relax and feel safe. That’s why you wanted a Gatekeeper for in the first place, right?


Upgrade your psychic protection

Want to update your “protection app” for the 21st Century? No more relying on trinkets and props to keep away the nasties. That’s what I do when I privately train my psychic students. Go from a place of fear to an immovable place of power with your aura like a bullet proof windsheld.

I only take a handful of private psychic mentoring clients at a time, working with me form between six weeks to four months. Are you my next VIP client?





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