What is an evidential psychic medium

What is an evidential psychic medium?

Evidential readings are very different from what’s commonly known in psychic and mediumship readings, but why should you care?

An evidential reading is like drinking a fine French Champagne in a Paris cafe that you’ll remember for years – rather than a tinny of no name plonk at the corner store.

The price is usually the same.

An evidential psychic or medium works harder for you – they want to prove it’s not made up or a mind trick. They demonstrate it with facts and memories that actually happened so you can verify them.

They don’t want you to have the slightest doubt the connection is fake, so they won’t let you tell them anything. They offer statements instead of fishing with questions, and won’t let you elaborate in the answers.

An evidential psychic or medium needs one of three answers:
“Yes, no, I don’t know.”
That’s it.

Mediumship is talking about the people that are in the spirit world, and psychic is talking about the living

Fishing and ‘warm reading’ are mind reading tricks to make it look like there’s a psychic connection when all the performer is doing is feeding the stuff you said back to you.

Why is evidence so important?

Evidence is specific information from your past or present. It’s specific and verifiable.

A psychic reading, talks about your past to highlight your present and possibly stimulate ideas, and confirm and give you confidence for your future. Notice I didn’t say, “Tell your future.” Not unless you want to be a sideshow fortune teller.

Evidential psychics and mediums aren’t performers, they don’t do tricks or tell the future.

Wait – what???

Imagine your lovely grandmother in spirit comes in a reading.

Asking her for money advice might not be fruitful if grandmother kept pickle jars of two-cent pieces in her kitchen cupboard and never paid tax.

Guidance readings come from a nice place and a genuine desire to help and serve, but evidential work is from the soul and advice has no place in a reading. Rather, it highlights your strengths and past learnings so you will feel confirmed to take the course of action you choose.

Why get a reading about stuff that’s already happened?

Because our past shapes our future. When an old pattern from the past pop up and highlighted, we are often inspired to change it.

Strength, hope and future possibilities are already inside you, and a good reading lights those up so you can see your path clearer.

Choosing an evidential reading means you know you’re in charge of your life, and you’re OK with it.

And best of all, the message – the thing you’ve come for, has so much more relevance, because it comes from evidence given from your past that proves you have what’s needed for your future already.

Five things evidential readings do:

1: Give specific information about the past and present.
2: Offer statements rather than ‘fishing’ with questions.
3: Confirm your strengths and power
4: Prove there is an intelligent spirit world connected to you that we all end in some day.
5: Allows you to create your own future

Have you had an evidential reading? You can book one here.

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