3 best psychic affirmations

Best psychic affirmations to use

Today, I’m sharing three of my greatest confidence secrets when it comes to my psychic ability. We have some days we feel like a psychic potato, so I’m sharing my top 3 best psychic affirmations for you, plus there’s a free resource to take away and use anytime you feel the #potato coming on.

1. I’m always loved and never alone

I remember finding affirmations way back in the ‘90s when I was first on my spiritual path and thinking, “Meh. What can that do? I’m just repeating stuff over and over like a parrot.” It wasn’t until I tried them and also used a little trick I share below they started to work.

My first and favourite is: I’m always loved and never alone.” I need this one way back on my spiritual journey because I did it all by myself. There were only books and the occasional workshop. it felt isolating, and I hadn’t connect to my Guides and Spirit team yet, so I wanted to have an affirmation that created the feeling of my Spirit team with me. We might not feel like we have someone to hang out with or debrief or talk to but we’ve always got spirit.

Try it now. Say: I’m never alone and I’m always loved. See how that sits with you. See if there’s any little resistance. See if there’s any little negative voices and if there are, just and acknowledge it. That’s okay. Just say it again.

2. My name is _________ and I’m psychic

Now, you might want to play with some of the worlds till it’s comfortable. Play with inserting the words that feel right – they might be “intuitive” or “extra sensory” or even “medical intuitive.” Here’s the trick I mentioned before: See how your voice sounds between the first and second part. The first part is your name – and we’ve been saying that since we could speak, so it’s a truth we know. Now observe how the second part sounds. Does the voice go up or down? Does that feeling of conviction waver?

Remember all of this is OK. We are experimenting and observing. Loving ourselves how we are and simply noticing.

Try it. My name is _________ and I’m psychic. How did that feel? It’s a good one to play with and it will show up any little pockets of resistance that might be there. Just keep saying it even if it feels crazy or weird because we’re changing what’s going on in our deeper minds. Psychic ability, just like everything else, it’s 80% mindset: 80%! We can change our vibe by changing our mind. We can change our mind by changing our vibe.

3 best psychic affirmations

3.This is what an intuitive woman looks like

The last one is best with a mirror and is perfect for mornings. As you eyeball yourself, “This is what an intuitive looks like…. This is what a savvy psychic looks like.” Because the world needs more of us. The world needs us the way we are, the way we show up right now in the world is perfect.

Get more

If you like those three, I have something fun: 140 psychic affirmations covering just about every block and resistance collected from over 500 clients I’ve worked with.

They’re subliminal affirmations tuned so low, that only your subconscious hears them. You’ll probably hear a faint little murmur of my voice underneath and then relaxing ocean sounds so the words bypass the consious monkey mind to subtle influence and empower psychic ability. The subliminal affirmations are free to download.

best psychic affirmations

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