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Spiritual trickery: how to avoid it

It’s a dodgy road for innocent, well meaning sensitives. Our hearts are already broken by the time we come to psychic development, and we’re so busy mending them, we forget to some of the basics. I’m offering the four C’s as a way to avoid spiritual trickery and protect both heart and pocket.

1: Cost

Spiritual courses don’t have to cost alot. If the price is eye watering, or it feels like a hard sell, or even if a tiny voice says (intuition) says, no, let it go.

Spiritual work is ultimately a private connection to the great beyond, to the soul self first, and that’s an inside job. No one can do that part for you, but a trusted teacher will facilitate it.

Spiritual trickery’s biggest red flag is cost. If the cost makes your eyes water, it’s probably not right for you now..

There are no magic beans, no instant psychic activations. If there was, I would be at the front of that line. It’s a slow cook method. Big money doesn’t get anyone there faster.

2: Complicated

The second C, is complicated. If the way to connect to the intuitive self, your higher self, your guides, animals, those in the unseen world is super complicated, it’s a warning sign of spiritual trickery.

All we do is expand and sensitise awareness to become aware of the unseen world. That world is here, right here next to us, a breath away, a thought away. That’s it. No rituals, complicated diets or other culty stuff.

If a teacher, course or philosophy comes with alot of rules, it might not be right for you.

Is there a lot of Kool-Aid getting handed out? Is there shaming for those who ask questions? Are there social consequences for dissent? All that is very cult-y. Ask me how I know. I spent 14 years in one.


3: Congruence

Spiritual Trickery number three is congruence. Does the talk match the walk? Do their actions connect up with what they say? Congruence is when someone does what they say and demonstrates their values by how they live.

There are those charging thousands for spiritual courses. Courses with sparkly words and posturing on what they can do and the supposed results.

But sadly some talk is just that.

Does the person feel authentic? Leave aside glossy sales pitches. Run it through your own very good filters. See if they walk their talk. Research how long they’ve been around. See if other people you trust know them. Make sure they are who they say they are.

4: Compassion

The fourth C, compassion. Are they kind? Is their heart open? Are they open to help even if you don’t buy from them? What are their refund policies like?

Will they offer a no hoops jumped refund? Is there compassion only when you follow the rules and drink their Kool-Aid or do they suddenly turn on you when the critical thinking starts?

Compassion in refunds, in the way they deal with you, the way they deal with others. Watch how someone handles criticism. The way they deal with their world will be a key to how open their heart is.

Spiritual trickery, how to avoid it

Are they keepers or givers?

Compassion is also shown in how teachers give information. The mediumship teachers I’ve been lucky enough to study under Paul Jacobs, Chris Drew, Sarah Jeffrey, Mavis Pittilla, all have a long history in the spiritual arts. They teach classes but they are the giver of information.

They willingly share information and meet you where you are. They’re just like you. That’s the giver of information as opposed to the keeper of information. Nothing is held back for a special echelon or for gold level price tiers.

A keeper of information feels like hierarchy.

A fed flag is levels, and hierarchy. In the cult I was in, getting to the highest (and highest priced) level was the ultimate goal. Open knowledge accessible to all students is more compassionate.

So, that’s the four C’s of spiritual trickery. I really hope it saves a broken heart and an empty wallet. If you love this, I devote an entire section on my Instagram to whistleblowing and speaking up about spiritual manipulation.


Teachers I’ve worked with:

I hope you find them as inspiring as I do.

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While in Peru, fell in love with a Shaman who was really a plumber from Padstow, but stayed because of attachment issues.

After following a puma from the jungle, I holed up in a Scandi-style Air B’n’B and finally got enlightened.

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