Do you know where your elemental power source is? Mine’s the ocean. It’s where I come to nourish my soul. It’s where I feel my power rise. Everybody has a place where their soul is fed, a place in nature that just feels like them.

There is a great store of psychic energy available in the elements, especially where two or more meet.

Imagine the last time you were by the ocean, where land meets water, or on a mountain top, where earth meets sky. These magical places are known as gateways, and people have been using their natural power for thousands of years. Did you feel invigorated and expansive? That’s the energy of an elemental power source at work. Our legends are full of these magical places because it’s where the veils are thinnest between the worlds.

The doors to unseen realms can be accessed here.

Volcanoes are powerful, where earth meets fire, and waterfalls are special, where water meets earth and air. These elemental power places are a great way to restore or restock your own energy.  Recall the last time you visited a place like this.

Did you feel energised and inspired? That will be your power place. When ever I visit the beach, I feel my psychic energy rise. My connection to Spirit for mediumship and readings is heightened and I feel top of my game. Mountains are also fun, but it’s really the sand and water that fills my soul.

What’s your elemental power source?  It is the ocean? I’d love to know what it is. Let me know in the comments below.