You’re going about your day as usual when Facebook messenger goes “ding’.  It’s someone asking for a free reading. There’s usually a long pm about how their life is a big mess and they must have a reading from you, RIGHT NOW!

Welcome to the world of freebie hunters.

A freebie hunter is someone who wants a free reading and is happy to ask you for it. The request is usually at short notice with a long and dramatic reason why. Because you are a nice person, and you value yourself, you may have mixed feeling about it. There probably isn’t a single psychic on this planet that hasn’t received a message like that. But what to do?



Listen to your intuition

Sounds silly to say, but really, listen to your gut first. If something feels off, it IS. It’s one thing to give back to your community with free readings when and where you choose. I still do it occasionally on my Facebook page and regularly join the fund-raising team to offer free readings at my local Spiritual Church.

When I first started out, I did a hundred free readings before I felt confident and professional enough to start charging. There are many wonderful reasons to offer free readings on your terms, when YOU choose, but let’s talk about the requests that feel off, ring alarm bells and otherwise feel ick.



When your inner voice says ‘no – listen!

When your inner voice says “no” to a free reading request, listen to it. Trust that voice. Trusting that voice is one thing, but what if saying no is hard for you?
Maybe you’ve not had a lot of practice at saying no and you feel like a bitch for asserting your right. Yes – you have a right to refuse. Want the magic words to say?
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What to say:

“Thank you for your request but I have already done my free reading quota for this week/month/year/lifetime.

“Thanks very much for getting in contact with me but my allotment of free readings is full right now. If you’d like to book a reading, here is where you can book in.” (attach your booking link)

“Come over to my Facebook page and give it a like or sign up for my newsletter. I do have specials from time to time, and you’ll get first information when I do.”

This way if they like your page and join your mailing list, they’re more likely to hang around and book in for a paid reading later on. They have a chance to get to know you and what you do. If you’re a people pleaser and find this hard, remember that saying no to someone else is saying yes to yourself.


The best answer for a die-hard freebie-hunter:

If they are a die-hard freebie hunter, intent ONLY on getting a free reading and not being loyal to you, then this is my sure fire way to make them disappear faster than free champagne at a book launch:

Just ignore the “free’ part and pretend you never heard it. Repeat after me:

“Sure, I’d love to do a reading for you! Here is where you can book in.” And send them a link to your PAID online booking form.

Boom. Works every time.

But what if you keep getting freeloaders?  It could be something in your messaging or the way you’re presenting yourself online.


Does your vibe inadvertently attract freebie hunters?

Sometimes our words give out a mixed message. Sometimes the Universe loves to test our boundaries. Consider every freeloader a test from the Universe in how much you love yourself. Then take a quick look at any written info you have about your work that may somehow send out the signal to freeloaders.

The clearer your intro statements are, and the more professional you sound, the fewer freebie askers you’ll attract.

Guard your precious resources and love yourself more. And if you’d like a hand to review your intro statements and online offer, I have a step by step guide to take your readings to the next professional level.

The Step by Step Guide to Readings that Rock is free to download and will guarantee to send a clear message out to any freeloader to go share their sob story with someone else.



YAAS! Booklet heading you way!