how to get feedback on psychic readings

How to get great client feedback on psychic readings

If “Yeah, thanks very much!” is the type of feedback received after pouring your heart and soul into a psychic reading, it can feel less than fabulous. Especially in the beginning, where feedback is so important. After none years reading professionally, I’ve discovered key questions to ask at the end that ensure great client feedback and I’m sharing them with you.

How to get client feedback, naturally

Factor in reflection time at the very end of the psychic reading. It’s step 8 of nine crucial steps in any psychic reading, and I teach all nine steps to my psychic students.

Reflection questions give time for them to see the value, change, and healing the reading brings and help last minute questions that can run overtime. From here, testimonials come naturally without awkward asking.

Using reflection questions give a chance for genuine feedback that’s not only valuable but reminds the client of the value they just received.

Here’s the exact set of questions I add to every psychic reading to ensure the session meets a client’s needs and gets them recommending me to friends.

* How did that feel?

* What stood out the most to you in the reading?

* What will you be taking away with you after this reading?

* Has this helped you make any decisions moving forward?

Readings are transformational and need processing time

Having a few minutes of reflection time allows clients to understand the reading. Instead of only remembering the first and last things said, they’ll remember the parts in between. This is also a good reason to make your opening and closing of the reading really memorable.

Reflection questions offers constructive feedback as well as the opportunity to leaving a review on Facebook or Google.

Reflection questions are invaluable for a reading to get great client feedback and stop running over time. This is just one step of nine for a professional psychic reading and it’s part of the VIP training offered for those who want to graduate to paid psychic readings.

Build this reflection time into your readings and you will be on your way to getting better client feedback.

Try them out on the next reading and give your clients a sense of fulfillment as they go over what touched their soul and was most memorable.

how to get feedback on psychic readings

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