names mean nothing

Names mean nothing

We all love the wow factor names give in a psychic mediumship reading, but did you know a name can be pulled from someones psychic, much like mind reading, and it zero proof of the spirit world?

Names dazzle the uninitiated but you, smart, savvy beloveds aren’t so easily convinced.

Or are you?
I was.

I was blown away by the names

A certain Sydney medium’s shows sell out with waiting lists of six months to get in. Buying tickets for those events is like Beyonce on opening night.

Near impossible. One lucky evening, a mediumship pal and I got to go. The room was packed with an excited buzz in the air.

Without much fuss, this Sydney medium did a full 90 minutes of messages filled with names.

Names of those who’d passed.
Names of the living.
Nick names.
Pet names.
Names from non-Australian cultures. We were blown away.

We even cried.

I burst into tears when my partner asked how it went. “Oh,” he said, mistaking the tears for disappointment. “That bad.”

“No,” I snivelled. “That GOOD!”

Being the wonderful partner he is, soaking up my mediumship training second hand like a passive smoker, he asked more questions. Seven years of being dragged to events, sitting in as crash-test-dummy on more than his share of practices and nodding empathically to my woes paid off.

He knew his way round a good bit of mediumship.

My head nearly snapped off when he asked me this question:

“What did the medium say right BEFORE or AFTER the name that proved anything?”


I was so dazzled by the name, I forget a rookie basic: Getting a name isn’t PROOF of a mediumship connection by itself.

Sure, it’s kinda cool to get a name and I love it when it happens, but in mediumship (not psychic, and I’ll get to that in a sec) the important bit is the CONTEXT the name is in.

Can the medium ALSO say a bit more about that person whose name they mentioned to prove the actual connection?

For example, whether that name was a friend or family, or a bit about their personality or frankly ANYTHING that proves they didn’t just pluck that name from the mind of the person in front of them.

Which makes it a psychic reading, not a mediumship one. I said I’d get to that part and here it is.

Are you with me so far?

Names mean nothing without supporting statements.

A half decent psychic can dip into your consciousness and pull out a random name.

It proves they are a good psychic, but doesn’t prove Auntie Alice who had the best pavlovas at Christmas and played the harmonica is with you.

And that’s what we want mediumship to do: Give direct and personal info about OUR special someone.

If we want stuff about us, then a psychic reading is perfect.

But we were at a mediumship event here.
The mediumship’s version if Beyonce was on stage.

And they served up names and names, but very scanty supporting statements about WHO those names were and what they meant to the person.

Names, by themselves, mean jack if it’s a mediumship reading. If it’s psychic, wonderful, but we still want more than names, don’t we?

This is all part of upping the game.

This is all part of upping the game on more accurate and evidential spiritual work – a mission will never shut up about.

Does this spark a flicker of curiosity about your own development?

Would you like to explore how you might make that next step in being even more accurate, in psychic or mediumship?

There’s a fun, somewhat challenging to your mind mini course that fleshes out even more why names mean nothing by themselves and what to do instead.

You’ll end up being as discerning as my partner when it comes to less-than-quality spiritual work and never be fooled into thinking something is mediumship when it’s psychic.

Most of all, you’ll take a huge step towards your own soul integrity and work closer to a place of service and healing.

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