I thought I was making it up. The voice of my psychic self wasn’t nearly as loud as my inner critic; the one who said, “this is all co-incidence, rubbish! Who do you think you are?” Gradually I made friends with my psychic senses as I read book after book and disappeared into as many Google searches.

I got to know my inner wisdom and how to tell when it was my intuition and when it was that mean voice who sounded strangely like my Mum. If you’d like to turn down the volume on your inner critic and trust your intuition more, I have some fun tips as well as a handy free download that will help you tell the difference.


How to trust your psychic senses

Imagine being snuggled up on the couch with a movie. From where you are you can’t see the door. Someone enters, someone you know and love. What happens? Most likely their energy is so familiar and comfortable, you barely turn your head.

That’s a soul knowing, a recognition that’s registered in your energy field and you just know. This is what it’s like to be connected with your intuition. You just know. There’s the same snuggly comfort and deep recognition when your psychic senses are working.

Daydream more

Because we get our psychic information from the same spot in the brain as we daydream, it’s natural to get confused. Chances are, if you’re psychic, you already have a rich imagination, so now you have permission to use it. I often tell my psychic students that’s its OK it feel like you’re making it up. In fact, I sometimes tell them to imagine they’ve had three glasses of wine! Not that you need to be drunk, but there’s the same level of relaxation and letting go that’s essential to tapping into your psychic senses


Relax into it

One time when I was training, we worked on psychic vision. We had to “see” into a closed envelope and describe the picture inside. The only information was that it was a building. We had to see inside the envelope and describe what that building looked like.
I groaned inwardly. The exercise was like trying to assemble a desk from IKEA. All the bits were there, but nothing actually fit.
A small, calm voice in my head said, “It’s the Taj Mahal”.

Because I’d switched from right brain happy and relaxed to left brain trying-so-hard, I didn’t trust it. I ground on, never daring to give that answer. And when our teacher pulled the picture from the envelope? It was the Taj Mahal. That small voice was my psychic senses whispering quietly in my head. The more relaxed you are the better your intuition works.


Intuition won’t sound like Yoda

And because it was so subtle, and I was a beginner, I didn’t trust it. I thought my intuitive voice should sound like Yoda. But it doesn’t. It’s a quiet, still, voice that you need to get quiet to hear.  The more stressed out you are, the further away from that wonderful soul connection you become. Learning to trust the information given is a huge step in developing as a psychic.


It’s ok to doubt

But you’re human, and doubt will creep in. This is wonderful because it shows integrity and an honest approach. When doubts arise, congratulate yourself on your passion to be accurate and your dedication to the practice.  Doubts offer a time to check in. Welcome them as a chance to double check your psychic senses and check if it’s really intuition or the mind getting in the way.


How to trust even more

The mind will always want to add its 2 cents. And learning to trust your psychic senses means being able to tell the difference between what’s the regular mind, and what’s really intuition at work.

Now you have new easy tips here, you’re on the road to getting better intuition. If you’d like more, there’s a free resource to download so that you can learn to separate out the monkey mind from the intuitive mind even more.


YAAS! Booklet heading you way!