When the information you get doesn’t work out, it makes you question your skills. Or worse –  makes you block your intuition altogether, especially when the news seems negative or less than good. You feel you can’t trust your guidance system anymore. All because something hadn’t worked out.


Let’s tap into guidance

The truth is that intuition is always there. 24/7. Intuitive information is constantly coming in from your soul, but when you’re stressed, it’s easy to miss. The stress is your survival voice and it wants to keep you safe. It will second guess and have really good reasons why your intuition is wrong. If you’ve ever pulled card after card, never happy with the answer, this is your stress head talking. Wouldn’t it be nice to tap into the guidance part of our selves?



The difference between guidance voice and survival voice.

You’ll recognise guidance voice as something lovely, calm and detached. It comes from the soul and has the familiar feeling of downloading information. It doesn’t have a lot of emotion behind it.

Guidance voice is also always in the present and it’s always good news. It’s productive and supportive. Survival voice, however, comes from the ego. It’s based on your fears and old patterns.

It reflects fears about your future or fears of repeating the past. It’s not rooted in the present. It’s the voice that wants to protect you and says, you shouldn’t do this or that because it didn’t work out so well in the past.

How to learn the difference.

Imagine you have a question to ask: Should I go on holiday in June? Something like this.

Now grab a pen and some paper and write down your question. Start the first sentence with, “my mind says …” and then tune into the answer your mind says. Straight under that, start the sentence with, “my fear says …”.

Notice how these voices feel and pay attention to where it is coming from. You are projecting into the future with the information you have been getting these questions. You are not in the present.



Do this next to tap into guidance.

Take a deep breath and notice the things around you right now. Notice how you are in the “now”? Maybe you are being aware of the noises outside or how the weather feels to you. Maybe you’re connecting with the ground if you’re not wearing any shoes.

Close your eyes and be in the moment where you are right now. Start your next sentence with, “my guidance says …”. Write down what comes to you.

When you’re in the present, your guidance voice can be heard.

It takes a little practice to be able to tell the difference between your guidance voice and your survival voice and you might not get it right all the time. Once you develop this as a routine you will be able to trust your intuition a whole lot more.

In the mini-course, How to trust your Intuition, I break down survival voice and guidance voice a whole lot more, so you can clearly see the difference and have change to practice it for yourself. It’s an easy bite size cause that’s done in an hour and you’ll come away with permanent intuitive skills so that you’ll never be held up by the stress of overthinking and the ego survival voice again.
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