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Why is intuition always bad news?

Ever had intuitive red flags like:

“My partner isn’t being faithful”, (and they weren’t) or
“Something bad’s gonna happen” and it does?

It feels like all intuition is good for is warnings of bad news on the way.
This happened to a new student as she reflected back on her intuitive track history. It only seemed to work for negative experiences.
Even as she bravely sat, with a freshly bought psychic development journal, she didn’t want to spoil the pages with memories of bad news coming true.

Her partner was indeed unfaithful. The breakup DID happen. Being a brave student, she continued to sit in reflection. She remembered our class mantra: Stay in the room and keep breathing.

She stayed with the exercise, allowing the times of bad new warning to wash over her, knowing they were only part of the catalogue of intuitive memories.

It was tough, feeling all the feels again, but she stayed with it and breathed on through.

She found the discipline needed to turn occasional intuitive messages into regular guidance she could live by and she was ready to do the work.

As she continued gently reflecting on her life, other moments surfaced. Times she’d known a new job was on the way, and it was. Others where acting on a random invitation to join friends resulted in a new romance. There WERE positive times as well, they just weren’t the first to come.

Why do we remember the bad things first?

Like a bad news bear – taking note of negatives is hard-wired into the primal survival brain. Watching for potential threats is what keeps us alive and is part of our ancient human make up.

It’s why bad news travels fast and newspapers sales go up with tragedies. Noticing bad news first is part of being human – there’s even a name for it: Negative bias.

Negative bias means that given the choice between a good news story and a bad news story, humans are more likely to read shocking tragedies first.

If you’ve ever stood in a supermarket line eying headlines of any gossip magazine, you’ll know this truth. It’s not supernatural, or even a ‘block’. It’s plain old human nature.

Turn bad news intuition into good news

As our awareness grows, we move into a place where we choose good news over bad. We move to another part of our brain, even though that primal part will still want to keep us safe from tigers and the tiny arms of a T-Rex.

While intuition seems like we remember the bad news first, that may be true in the beginning, but after a little more reflection the helpful, positive intuitive hits also come.

The good news intuitive moments are worth noting, because what we focus on gets bigger and what we track improves.

Keeping a psychic development journal is a wonderful way to train the mind to look for the positives and so move from watching for tigers and T-Rex’s to the love and guidance that awaits us all.

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