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Top 10 Mediumship Movies

There’s always that ONE movie that rocks our world. Here are my top picks!

1. Ghost Town (2008)

Top 10 life-changing mediumship movies

Ricky Gervais plays a cranky dentist who doesn’t believe in the spirit world. But life changes as one particular spirit person turns up as his guide, he’s forced to change his very grumpy mind, because now he “sees dead people.’
We live in a culture that knows there’s something beyond this life, and we love to watch movies about it. Life continues and the spirit world do communicate and help us. Ghost Town is number four in my top ten mediumship movies – have you seen this one?

2. Ghost (1990)

Top 10 life-changing mediumship movies

The movie that made pottery sexy.
When same Sam is murdered by his corrupt friend and business partner, he seeks the help of psychic Oda Mae to set things right and protect his wife, Molly from the thugs.

The beauty of everlasting love and connection beyond death brought mediumship to the masses, and even more importantly, it has Patrick Swayze in it!

3. The Sixth Sense (1999)

Top 10 life-changing mediumship movies

“I see dead people.’ We will remember that phrase forever!
As number nine in my list of top ten mediumship movies, this one has a great twist, and how’s the love and help that’s always there from the spirit world.

The sixth sense is a movie that changed the way we see spirit people, not to mention the stellar performance by Whoopi Goldberg as the fake psychic who turns out to be the real thing, much to her surprise.

4: Heaven Can Wait (1978)

Top 10 life-changing mediumship movies

Who wouldn’t watch hunky Warren Beatty as a saxophone playing footballer who dies before his time? He finds himself in Heaven, throwing out the “plan’ and spends the next hour of the movie trying to get back.


In all cultures, the afterlife holds a strong place in all cultures in history. In our current one, movies are how we tell the story.

Heaven Can Wait is based on an even older war time movie with the same theme: A Matter of lIfe and Death. This was the move sparking my imagination and soul as a child and set me on the path of spiritual curiosity.

5. Field of Dreams 1989

Top 10 life-changing mediumship movies

If you build it, they will come. It was a mantra in the ’90’s and it came as a message from the spirit world. When you feel like nobody gets you, as happens to Costner’s character, you may just get a whole spirit baseball team turning up in your cornfield.


Field of Dreams is about listening to your intuition and trusting the spirit world, even when it looks crazy.

6. Always

Top 10 life-changing mediumship movies

Steven Spielberg directs this charming fable about a legendary pilot who, after losing his life in a daring mid-air rescue, returns from the afterlife to show his girlfriend how to go on without him.

Always stars Audrey Hepburn as a Spirit Guide welcoming a newly deceased Richard Dreyfuss to the afterlife. She ‘shows him the ropes’ and he helps his girlfriend to go on without him.

7. What Dreams May Come

Top 10 life-changing mediumship movies

One of the sweetest reunions is when we see our pets again in the spirit world.
This is what happens to Robin Williams after death, and is greeted by his beloved Dalmatian.

This one is especially beautiful for dog-lovers, and if you have ever lost your fur-baby, guaranteed you will be crying in the first five minutes.

8. The Ghost and Mrs Muir (1947)

Top 10 life-changing mediumship movies

Racing home after school and quickly doing my homework meant I could watch the Ghost and Mrs Muir on TV. Of course the ghost is a handsome sea captain residing in a sea cottage that a beautiful widow moves into.


What happens is predictable but it shows that love never dies and that the two worlds can meet and help each other. The Ghost and Mrs Muir is number eight on my list of top ten mediumship movies.

9. A Matter of Life and Death (1946)

Top 10 life-changing mediumship movies

A Matter of Life and Death centers on the near-death experience of English bomber pilot Peter Carter (played by David Niven) who is forced to jump from a burning aircraft without a parachute. His death is certain, but due to a clerical error in the afterlife he doesn’t die.

Heaven tries to correct its mistake, but Peter appeals his death on the grounds that he and June have fallen in love. But then again, this all might be in Peter’s head.

A Matter of Life and Death takes the viewer out of the bounds of everyday existence and extends its story into a supernatural dimension.

The redemptive power of love on Earth and speculates wildly on life after death, the nature of Time and why we are really here. It’s worth watching just for the “Stairway to Heaven”

10. Hereafter (2010)

Top 10 life-changing mediumship movies

If you are already a working psychic or medium, chances are you’ll have dances with burnout at some stage. Matt Damon plays a tired psychic medium has lot his faith, and given up. Hereafter is how he finds his purpose again.


Directed by Clint Eastwood, so you know it is going to have you in tears before the end.

Did I miss one? Do you have a favourite mediumship movie? Let me know!

Watched the all, but want to know more? Book a reading.

top ten mediumship movies

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