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Ten tips for psychic survival

If like me, you’ve grown up seeing or feeling things not many others do, watching violent things on TV probably isn’t your favourite thing. These days I love adore low sensory spaces and glad for quiet trains. Even so, it took years to learn how to manage the world as a psychic.


Ten essential psychic survival tips:

1. Get enough sleep and the right kind of food for your body. If you’re tired, setting calm boundaries can feel like a mountainous chore. Start spotting the times the emotional body wants to be fed and what you choose when calm and rested. Chances are the choices will be different.


2. Review online and TV intake. News shows pour out doom porn and negativity. I love a good Scandi Murder Whodunnit, but some days the choice is animated penguins and Cats in Boots with Spanish accents. Studies show that looking at cute puppies and kittens actually improve workplace productivity. Really.


3. Develop a boundary between you and Everything Else. With feet firmly on the floor, check back into yourself. When overwhelm creeps in ask “ Is this right here, right now, or am I tuned into something else?” This was the game changer for me and I still need to practice it every day. Correctly identifying an energy source decreases its effect by 50%.


4. Have calm surroundings. My go to items always on in the house are a Spotify playlist of calm music, vase of flowers by Sushi and Bruce’s ashes, and the aromatherapy on. We regularly declutter out psace and keep a ‘one in, one out’ rule for all stuff we buy. It’s OK to release stuff with stories that are no longer a good memory and ugly gifts from people you don’t like.


5. Realise what is yours and what’s not. Gossipy friends, downers and whiners have their own troubles. It’s not your circus and not your monkeys. There’s a blog on how to handle big emotions as an intuitive here.


6. If you suddenly feel drained, you can leave. You are a grown up now and don’t have to stay, or madly “block it”. Blocking takes more energy than leaving.


7. Do something you love. Absorbing yourself in a hobby activates restorative brain frequencies that enhance problem solving and body healing. Meditating does that too. Get a guided meditation and listen to it.


8. Enjoy saying No. I still wrestle with this. If you feel like a bad person saying no, try this: “Let me get back to you on that’. Then politely decline from a safe distance. Us empathetic people are big fixers, and find it hard to say no because we want to be polite all the time.


9. Go outside. Connect with nature, even if it’s the green strip on the street outside. Look up at the sky. Say hello to a tree. Nature is healing and grounding. Even 10 minutes a day will work like magic.


10. Laugh. It isn’t that bad. Laughter reduces stress hormones. Find the ridiculousness of life, share the cute and funny, heartwarming and silly. I adore my doggie reels on Instagram for this.


The last tip is the biggest.

If you’ve figured out all these sensitivities and big feels might mean you’re psychic, get proper training. Common sense, non fear based psychic training strengthens your boundaries as well.


If anyone offers to “open your chakras” for $250, run.

Spoiler alert – your chakras are already open, even your third eye! Training doesn’t have to be expensive, and there’s a ton of free psychic training right here, as well as a whole section on what to look out for with training. Discovering what your energy feels like is a very big step towards learning how to survive as a psychic.



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