If, like me, you’ve grown up seeing or feeling things not many others do, you probably can’t stand to watch violent things on TV and you probably soak up way too much of other people’s emotions. It took years to learn how to survive as a psychic and navigate the seen as well as the unseen worlds.

Ten things to help you survive as a psychic:

1.    Get enough sleep and the right kind of food for your body. If you’re tired it’s harder to set calm boundaries. If you’re wired on 3 caramel latte’s it’s harder to think straight. Your body knows what it likes to eat. Get quiet and tune in, rather than tune out with junk food.

2.    Review what you look at online and TV intake. News shows pour out doom porn and negativity. Avoid movies that make you feel like its happening to you (Happy Feet is my personal go-to movie for re balance).  Drop downer Facebook friends. Studies show that looking at cute puppies and kittens actually improves workplace productivity. Really.

3.  Develop a boundary between you and Everything Else. With feet firmly on the floor, check back in to yourself. When overwhelm creeps in ask “ Is this right here, right now, or am I tuned into something else?” Correctly identifying an energy source will decrease it’s effect by 50%.

4.   Have calm surroundings. Simple things like music, a vase of flowers, or an incense stick can reset the mind. Get rid of stuff with stories that aren’t your own, or ugly gifts from people you don’t like.

5.    Realise what is yours and what is not. Gossipy friends, downers and whiners have their own troubles. It’s not your circus, and not your monkeys. There’s a blog on how to handle big emotions as intuitive here. 

6.    If you suddenly feel drained, you can leave. You are a grown up now and don’t have to stay, or madly “block it”. Blocking will only drain you more.

how to survive as a psychic


7.    Do something you love. Absorbing yourself in a hobby activates restorative brain frequencies that enhance problem solving and body healing. Meditating does that too. Get a guided meditation CD and listen to it.

8.    Learn to say No. I still wrestle with this. If you feel like a bad person saying no, try this: “Let me get back to you on that’. Then politely decline from a safe distance. Us empathetic people are big fixers, and find it hard to say no because we want to be polite all the time.

9.    Go outside. Connect with nature, even if it’s the nature strip on the street outside your house. Look up at the sky. Say hello to a tree. Nature is healing and grounding. Even 10 minutes a day will work like magic.

10.   Laugh.  It isn’t that bad. Laughter reduces stress hormones. Find the ridiculousness of life, share the cute and funny, heartwarming and silly. Facebook is a perfect tool for this.

The last tip is the biggest. If you’ve figured out that you are a highly sensitive person, and maybe your clairvoyant, or other type of “Clair’s” are opening up, go get training.
Good, common sense training will strengthen your psychic muscles and help you understand what’s going on as you swim about in the world’s energy soup.

If anyone offers to “open your chakras” for $250, run.

Spoiler alert – your chakras are already open, even your third eye! Training doesn’t have to be expensive, and there’s a ton of free psychic training right here.  Discovering what your energy feels like is a very big step towards learning how to survive as a psychic. Like to discover more about your abilities for free? Do the quiz to find your psychic strength.


Whats your psychic strength quiz

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