40 signs you are psychic 1

40 signs you are psychic

Even though the psychic faculty is natural for all of us, it’s often buried under modern world life. Here’s a list of forty psychic signs that will boost your confidence and help you step into the idea that you’ve always been psychic. How many can you say yes to?


40 signs you are psychic:

1. You have heightened sensitivities.

2. Some electrical equipment makes you uncomfortable. Light bulbs go off or you feel the buzz of too much electro-pollution.

3. You’re left-handed.

4. You’re one of twins.

5. You have a light complexion for your race or red hair. This applies to dark-skinned people too.

6. Your blood is RH negative or runs in your family.

7. You have or have had in the past, a non-mainstream sexual orientation.

8. You are slow to connect with others, particularly in childhood. You tend to participate in group activities only after getting to know the people, the environment, and the dynamics. Supervisors may say you “didn’t play well with others”.

9. When entering a room, you usually check out the feel of the atmosphere and people.

10. You often feel a tingling sensation like someone’s there.

11. You see things from of the corners of the eye.

12. You see a photo of someone and know certain things about them.

13. You have refused to go near a particular person, room, or building, particularly in childhood.

14. You feel the emotions of others as if these emotions were your own; feel responsible for others’ emotions. May overreact, particularly as a child.

15. There’s a greater need to resolve emotional conflict because you feel it so strongly.

16. It’s more difficult to let go of emotions (yours and others).

17. You cry easily.

18. You don’t like conflict.

19. You have a keen sense of justice and want to “right” wrongs

20. You seem to read family/friend’s mind. You know what others want before they ask.

21. You’re aware when something is happening to someone you care about.

22. Have felt the presence of the spirit world around you.

23. You know the personalities of deceased family members you have never known. As a child, you recognised deceased family members in photographs.

24. Animals and young children follow you or want to be around you.

25. You see/feel the energy in a room, in your hands, around others (even if not colorful as in auras).

26. You have an active dream life with vivid colors; flying dreams; fall out of bed a lot as a child; premonition dreams; aware that you are dreaming.

27. Objects have moved around, particularly in childhood.

28. You had an “imaginary” friend or animal in childhood.

29. As a child, you had a fear of the dark or “a boogey man” in your room at night.

30. You’ve lived in a ‘haunted house’.

31. You are artistic, creative, imaginative, or you work in a healing capacity.

32. You think outside the box.

33. You hear someone calling your name or talking, but no one is, especially in the presence of white noise, like water running in the shower, or the vacuum cleaner (This can indicate clairaudient ability).

34. You have a good sense of direction.

35. Experiences of déjà-vu.

36. You have family members who have intuitive or psychic abilities.

37. Family members are uptight about all things psychic and refuse to talk about them.

38. You see twinkles and flashes of light.

39. You have inspiring dreams and often wake with a fresh idea or solution to a problem.

40. You’re drawn to blog like this to read up on what psychic means.


You don’t have to have every one of these to tell if you might be psychic, because they are just that – indicators.

After I acknowledged my own natural psychic abilities, so much made sense. Puzzle pieces from childhood fell into place, confirming the keen interest in all things spooky since young. I was the kid with a deck of tarot cards and a Ouija board at age 11.

Then teen years and adult hood hit, so I squished my intuitive self into a tiny matchbox and hid it in the back of the cupboard for decades. And you know what?

Psychic ability doesn’t go away, it knocks at the doors of the soul patiently till you’re ready to meet it once again.


That’s where I can help.

I’ve been there. I’ve struggled with what people might think and worried about losing friends, clients, and loved ones, and it turns out you don’t lose them. Not the real ones, anyway. I invite you to hang out here – maybe join my emails, or check out Psychic AF – the mini course to show you’ve always been psychic.




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