how to connect with the spirit world

How to contact the Spirit World

If I said the Spirit world is only a thought away and contacting it is as easy as a thought what would you say? If you’re like me 20 years ago, you’d be thinking: ‘yeah, right’. Twenty years ago I wasn’t sure there even was a spirit world.
Looking back, I see the breadcrumb trail that led me to contact with the spirit world. I was 11 years old armed with a Ouija board and Led Zeppelin’s fourth album. The one with Stairway to Heaven on it.

I was fascinated by all things spooky, but also way too shy and afraid of the dark as a kid. (And teenager. And adult.) I had no clue that talking to ‘dead people” was a thing.

Until that time with the cat

I had a healing business in Byron Bay (New Age Mecca of Australia where hippies gather to spiritually bypass.) The healing studio had a staff of six and we were happily booked out most of the time.

I was chasing my spiritual dreams frustrated that my Spirit Guides hadn’t appeared to speak in a deep voices like everyone else bragged about, and reading all the New Age books I could find.

That day, Peter was on the healing table. Not just any client, Peter was a well-known TV presenter. All went well till a spirit lady appeared by the table holding a large calico cat. She said she was Peter’s mother and could I please say, ‘mittens’ out loud.

I was like: HELL NO! (Can you tell I was in the psychic broom closet back then?)

Back and forth we went in my mind, with her saying: “mittens” and me terrified of what he’d think and how much money I’d lose when he walked out never to book again.

Guess who won?

Spirit Mother did. Exasperated and freaked out, I gathered the courage to ask if the word ‘mittens’ meant anything to my client, Peter.

He replied Mittens was the name of the cat he had as a child. Yep – that giant orange, black and white cat his Spirit Mum held.

Luckily Peter was just as blown away and he stayed, but that’s when I knew I was a medium even though I was still shy and took another good ten years to formally train.

Being in a spiritual Mecca of Byron Bay there were courses and teachers, but none felt right. Always too much fear, or woo-woo emphasis and no practical skills for reliable results.

Connect to the spirit world

From aerobics to psychic

It took another few years before I found the right teachers who had the kind of practical, evidential way of connecting to the Sprit World that suited me. After all, we’re dealing with a whole other world and representing them. I wanted to make sure I did the Spirit people justice and could prove that they were there – with evidence as good as the calico cat that arrived with my client Peter’s Mum from Spirit.

I kept training, and wove together 28 years teaching aerobics and lecturing for fitness with that spiritual slap upside the head, and finally emerged from the broom closet. I gave 100’s of readings and eventually the My Psychic Soul was born.

I’m determined not to let anyone else wait ten years in fear to do their soul’s journey, and whether its psychic or mediumship teaching this work is how my soul sings.

I’ll help you become the effective psychic you want to be. You’ll have a grab bag of practical skills and real proof that you are indeed psychic after this course.

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Semi fictional story about me

In 1994, I had a midlife crisis, got a boob job and moved to Byron Bay.

Quickly realized there was nothing there but more boob jobs and white furniture, so I escaped faux-spiritual beach culture, went to Peru, and experimented with DMT.

While in Peru, fell in love with a Shaman who was really a plumber from Padstow, but stayed because of attachment issues.

After following a puma from the jungle, I holed up in a Scandi-style Air B’n’B and finally got enlightened.

Parts of this story are true.

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