psychic protection is outdated

Psychic protection is outdated

Psychic protection is outdated. It’s so last century, in fact it’s two centuries ago.

This might seem controversial, but a lot of the stuff we recognise as negative energies, spirit attachments and even demons actually come from religious culture designed to keep us small and fearful.

I had a negative entity

A few years ago, I was battling inner demons. It was an intense period of inner healing, and I was fascinated by dark spirits, evil entities, and attachment. Anything to blame this terrible feeling on. The idea took over my life. You know what happened then?

There was a flat tyre evey week for a month, an attempted house robbery, and a smoke alarm going off at all hours. When a weird, wispy ghosty thing appeared on the hoime security cameras, I had enough.

I was so consumed with the negative side of life, I forgot to acknowledge the positive. Google is not your friend at times like these, because the internet is full of conspiracy theories, and who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory?


Thank goodness for the inner work

What we pay attention to flourishes. Eventually, I got bored with looking at negative stuff – it was a big fat energy downer. I decided to come back.

  • I started walking in the morning.
  • I joined a meditation circle.
  • I stopped eating foods my body didn’t like
  • I also got bored with the idea of entities.

Spirit is always there and they want the best for us. They go away when asked and we are divinely protected.

Psychic protection for the 21st Century is an inside job.

Really, the best protection is a shiny, strong energy field. Externa props like crystals, herbs and sprays are pretty, but only temporarily effective. There’s another, easier way: Developing a strong, beautiful energy field.

A bright shiny energy field acts like an automatic buffer system. Negative stuff can’t enter because the vibration is not a match.

Imagine creating an automatic high vibe that repels anything lower. It starts by owning the work is an inside job and letting go of outdated, fear based ideas about psychic protection.

Fear and anxiety make holes in the aura

Empaths have very large auras that are often too open. Shock, illness and depression also leave the energy field porous and permeable. Do a fear detox. Anything that makes you feel less than or fearful is not good for your energy field and its a way of keeping small.


Effective psychic protection comes from inside and the best protection is a shiny, bright aura.


Looking for external solutions for protection is not sustainable. Protection comes from the inside. If you’re wondering why some energetic protection fails, it’s because of this reason. Nothing external works forever

Raising the amount of personal light is freeing. You’ll feel less pursued and more YOU. It’s easier and less expensive than buying crystals and amulets or saying prayers to shield. Let’s move into a natural higher vibration and take a step into 21st Century energy.

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