How to have a bright aura

How to have a bright aura

If you’re a sensitive person who feels everything, sucking up everyone’s feels like a gigantic vacuum, the label ’empath’ might be familiar.

There’s a quarry full of rocks in your bra and the burning safge sets off smoke alarms. You’re exhausted and wondering if there’s an easier way for empaths.

Let’s face it: Your aura’s not working for you.

Soaking up everyone’s emotions is exhausting. What if your energy field had a built-in filter that made you feel buffered and sheltered instead? So you can go ahead with the business of being psychic in an even more fabulous ways.

A healthy aura is key for empaths

Our energy field is designed as one big filter. It also lets the good intuitive vibes in. The aura is our sixth sense. A healthy aura is the missing puzzle piece for sensitive empaths and overactive psychics who feel everything and don’t know how to stop or control it.

A healthy aura bounces off unwanted stuff like bugs on a windshield.

A strong aura will be the strongest mood in the room, and others will gravitate to you like bluebirds to a Disney princess. People notice you because your energy field is working the way it should.

Noticing more eye contact from people is one way to know the energy field is working the way it should.


A healthy aura doesn’t mean extra work and outdated rituals

But it does mean simple everyday energy maintenance just as you would brush your teeth every day or have a shower. Think of energy maintenance as an energy bar or a recharge for your psychic senses.
The intuitive information flows clearer and cleaner just like a rusty tap clearing out. Your aura’s now so bright! So say goodbye to being an energy sponge and say hello to the freedom of an upgraded aura.

How to have a bright aura

How to get a bright, shiny aura? It’s done the same way psychics and mediums have done it for hundred s of years- by sitting in stillness for a shot while. It’s like meditation and has may similarities.

Stillness in the day is vital for empaths and psychics, to allow the aura to self clean, and reconnect to the soul.

Touching the power of your soul means the aura is strong and ready for action. There’s no mistaking intuitive messages for imagination because the insights arrive as clear and fast as 5G wifi.

There’s a ten-minute aura empowerment audio in the Psychic Classroom. Using it daily, many empaths and psychics notice the change within two weeks. Some say people get out of their way in crowded areas, seats become vacant on trains and even their kids listen to them more.

Imagine an aura that’s so bright, heads turn. It’s possible, because with spiritual development we shine from the inside first. Get your copy in the Psychic Classroom for $9.
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