Facebook groups for intuitives – making them work for you

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Being in a Facebook group is a little like being at a party. You’re the guest and the host is whoever owns the group. Just like an invitation to a party, it probably has a dress code, (or code of conduct as a guide). Manners are just as important online in a group as they are in a real-life party, and reading the group’s guidelines will give you a great idea of the culture and values of the group. Every group has a vibe and landscape and we want to make sure it’s a good fit.


Connect, don’t sell

What attracts you to the group? Are you just wanting to sell your stuff, because that becomes pretty old pretty fast? If you go into a group with selling on your mind, with your vibe all: “buy my stuff, buy my stuff, buy my stuff,”  it’s gonna show and people won’t warm to you. They feel like sales targets instead of people.

Because Facebook groups are about connecting. There about getting to know you as a person. So the best thing you can do is just be you and get to know people as yourself. Because the know, like, and trust factors are gonna just zoom up when you do that.



Be helpful

People need to know who you are. They need to get to understand your passions, the things that you’re really into, and then they trust what you say. Especially if you’re helpful and engaging and just genuinely give. We’ve all seen those sneaky promo posts, you know, where it’s like, oh, I’m having a fantastic day with my clients as I get ready to do whatever my stuff is, and then there’s the image of their fabulous face and the business details, all the website stuff below. That’s a sneaky promo. We all kinda know what’s going on.



Be your real self

But the best way to get on in Facebook groups is to just be yourself. Say what you think. Be helpful and generous and just give. I tell you what, I have probably gotten more out of Facebook groups that I feel like I’ve given, and I like to give a lot, but it is just a beautiful place to be when you find your particular group. And there’s plenty of them out there.


Be a nice party guest

So basically, be a nice guest, clean up after yourself, especially after a free reading. Go back in and close that post, look at the guidelines and just play by the rules and make sure everyone has a good time, including the group owner.


Ready to put it all together?

Consider this your gilt-edged invitation to join the Psychic Playground – it’s a Facebook group for intuitives where savvy women gather to grow their skills in a no B/S atmosphere. We practice what we preach and know our personal growth always matches our psychic growth. We have lots of fun and there are opportunities to learn and share. Check it out here.



  1. Angel

    Completely understandable but doesn’t work like that for everyone. I was in several spiritual groups. Empath groups, psychic groups, angel group’s, reincarnation groups, and so many more. Very cruel judgemental individuals tend to raid these groups. Leaving people to feel unconformable about asking questions, or telling there stories. Empath groups tend to let hundreds of thousands of individuals join their groups and I don’t believe there are that many empaths in the world. Everyone has a different story to tell and they all do favortizum. Some of us in the world don’t need to be on any groups at all. Some of these spiritual people can be some of the meanest people. In the world. They don’t even understand us

    • Donna gailGrubb

      N they never will so let’s just help the ones that come to us my granny had 7 daughters my mom1st I’m baby of 5we all have diff gifts n I’m still freaking myself out of the knolidge n things I no but can’t understand to wen tapedin can stay long but they wouldn’t come if they deep down needing help 11 10 2970 8 31am birth time green eyes n left handed yes I no

  2. Sarah Butler

    I have always wanted to find out why I knew things about my family and friends, even people who I never met and have knoleg of places I have never been.

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Am I psychic?

Am I psychic?

Mainstream religion and the New Age actively sell the idea psychic ability exists outside of you, or only to a (chosen by them) few. This is a lie. Being psychic is part of being human, so ‘Am I psychic?” YES!

Am I psychic?

Am I psychic?

Mainstream religion and the New Age actively sell the idea psychic ability exists outside of you, or only to a (chosen by them) few. This is a lie. Being psychic is part of being human, so ‘Am I psychic?” YES!

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