10 ways to open your third eye

Clairvoyance isn’t in the third eye

The source of psychic visions isn’t the third eye. While a wonderful chakra, the third eye doesn’t really play a part in clairvoyance. Radical?

While it’s a popular belief that the sixth chakra is responsible for all intuitive visions, there’s another idea about clairvoyance or psychic seeing gaining popularity.

Clairvoyance isn’t in the third eye

The source of psychic senses, all the ‘clairs’, comes from one place: The solar plexus. Not the third eye, but lower, in the feeling centre. The truth of this ripples out into common language and legendary film.
  • “I have a gut feeling”
  • “I know it in my bones”
  • “It didn’t feel right”
Harrison Ford nailed it as Han Solo in Star Wars when he tapped his intuition saying, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” It’s so ingrained in our consciousness that that phrase is used in every Star Wars movie since the first.

The source of all our psychic information lies in the solar plexus – our feeling centre and is then interpreted by whichever psychic sense is most comfortable for us.

Clairvoyance begins in the solar plexus

Clairvoyance begins in the solar plexus, feeling centre. When I work with new psychic students, I suggest feeling into something first, then waiting for the vision. This way the pressure’s off trying to ‘see’ and the solar plexus can do it’s natural to work unhindered by our efforts.

Working from the gut, or clairsentience feeling centre results in more accurate clairvoyant messages that can be trusted. We all want more clarity, and visions we can trust to help us in life.

Next time, instead of busting a third eye chakra to get a vision, try dropping awareness into the gut feeling centre instead and allowing the image to effortlessly evolve from there.

Hope you find this helpful, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the third eye.

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