You’ve done loads of courses and you have the certificates to prove it. You have oodles of clients but you’re still feeling like there’s a gap. You’re wondering if there’s more. Something more in the reading so that their epiphanies are the kind that makes stellar Facebook updates with your name in them.




Success is more than reading cards – it’s the depth of detail we touch on.

No matter if you are a beginner, relying heavily on the guidebook for meanings of the cards, or an intermediate reader who can make a successful connection to the client’s energy and also read the cards, to an advanced reader who may not even need cards or uses them as a prompt to inspire their energetic connection, real success isn’t about the tools, it’s about the depth of detail we go to.

We need to make the info we share deeply relevant to the client.

How do we do that? By sharing details about that person that no one else could know.  A good reading uncovers the past with accurate details. That allows you to gain the credibility you need to then move onto the present and future. Have you ever had a reading that is purely future or solution based? Did it feel empty and disconnected from you? Here’s why:



The missing ingredient is credibility.

How about a reading where it touches on significant points in your past with such uncanny detail that you had shivers, and clearly saw hidden factors that led to the current situation you’ve come to them for?

If a reader can do that, they earn the right to speak about future outcomes. They earn the credibility to speak to a future that’s relevant and unique to the client. The essential must-have for a truly game-changing reading is the quality of usable and relatable information given.


We’re not in the fortune cookie business where general answers fit everyone

Psychic reading success hinges on the accuracy of the information brought through and how it touches the soul of the client so that they will be raving about you to all their friends and filling your inbox with readings requests.  You want your sitter to go, “whoah, yeah! If they can know that about my past then they must be able to help me with the future!”

I truly believe that a reader earns the right to speak about the future by first touching on the past, and getting the, “OMG, how did you know that?” responses first. That way, we know we have an awesome psychic connection and can confidently give guidance that’s going to bring relief and true help for the ones we serve.


Want to give those kinds of readings?

If these are the kinds of responses you’re looking for too, I invite you to hit the comments box with what you’re readings are currently like and what you’d love them to be. We could set up a quick chat online and look at some ways to boost the “OMG” factor for you. Send me your wishes here:


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