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Paranormal activity in the house and what to do

Lydia has cupboard doors opening and toys flying across the room. We chat about paranormal activity and a surprising perspective of what contributes to it.

In this video, I share a story Mavis Pittilla told of a time she was called to a haunted public pool. How a young man was drowned in a pool and returned from Spirit to warn and protect little ones at a public pool because the lifeguards weren’t paying attention.

Rather than haunting, he was trying to save another potential drowning. When the pool managers addressed the issue, the ‘haunting’ went away.

Not all paranormal activity is caused by spirits.

Watch this 20 minute interview to hear about Lydia’s paranormal activity in the house and what to do. What’s your take on paranormal activity? Could there be something else going on?

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Semi fictional story about me

In 1994, I had a midlife crisis, got a boob job and moved to Byron Bay.

Quickly realized there was nothing there but more boob jobs and white furniture, so I escaped faux-spiritual beach culture, went to Peru, and experimented with DMT.

While in Peru, fell in love with a Shaman who was really a plumber from Padstow, but stayed because of attachment issues.

After following a puma from the jungle, I holed up in a Scandi-style Air B’n’B and finally got enlightened.

Parts of this story are true.

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