Does being psychic make you fat 2

Does being psychic make you fat?

If my inner six year old had her way, I’d be a generously proportioned psychic. While shape has nothing to do with spiritual skill, I’m sharing what helped me stay grounded and present while surfing life as a sensitive.  Does being psychic make you fat


My inner six year old loves ice cream

If I let her run the show, her answer to energetic overwhelm as a psychic is 2 scoops of Belgian Vanilla and a pint of hot caramel. ( I might be vegan but she definitely isn’t)

Accidentally soaking up too much of everyone else,  my sulky six year old takes over. It’s not ideal, so…


I developed a new system for psychic self care

My inner six year old often felt betrayed by the world. She felt overwhelmed by world situations, and while she couldn’t do much, she could eat!

Together we worked out some other tools to help her feelings of frustration and overwhelm. We learned telltale signs my body gave as a head’s up a coming threat to inner balance.

My body alerts me with a rush of adrenaline and heart pounding. Combined with an overwhelming urge to get away, there’s a sixty second window between me and a panic attack.

This is the innerIt’s my inner GPS working for me, not failing. 



Three things to help a sensitive inner manage psychic overwhelm does being psychic make you fat

* Supermarket shopping is intense. Go earlier in the day to avoid everyone’s left over energy fields. Shopping first thing in the morning means fresh energy and a mall’s vibe is quite sweet.

* In fact, why bother going at all? Online grocery shopping is a gift from heaven for psychics and sensitives. Manage psychic overwhelm

*Stuck in a meeting with insensitive coworkers? I got you. If leaving is not an option, reposition the body to work energetically for you. Cross your legs and allow one hand or arm to rest over the solar plexus as a shield.

*Imagine zipping up your aura like a hoodie, or channel Captain Kirk in the Starship Enterprise and say, “Shields up, Mr Sulu.”

*The restroom is a haven to manage psychic overwhelm. Regather inner balance and soothe the inner six year old by washing hands and using hand cream. It’s pure grounding. Now that everyone uses hand sanitiser, this little energetic protection method can be done in public with no one the wiser.


Ninja level help for overwhelmed psychics

There is a small pouch of emergency goodies I carry everywhere that saves psychic overwhelm and gives my inner six year old an alternative to icecream. In it is:

  • Lavender essential oil for dabbing on the back of the neck, and wrists.
  • Rescue remedy drops for under the tongue and hand cream.

All these things help to stay grounded and no one will ever know the hand cream is secretly a psychic grounding tool.


Does being psychic make you fat

Eating is just one way get grounded, but being psychic doesn’t have to make you fat.

Being sensitive has its perks and pitfalls. Staying balanced and grounded will always be a challenge.  Expect to get pushed off your unicorn every now and then, and have these tips ready.

Now there’s better ways to recover than a pint of hazelnut espresso ripple. Unless you really want to!

So does being psychic make you fat? No. Being ungrounded does.

There’s a guided meditation that can bring that feeling of calm and centered in five minutes. Download it for free here.

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