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What are my clairaudient abilities

Clairaudience is psychic hearing; part of the natural intuitive gifts we all possess. How do you know you have clairaudient abilities? There’s a popular idea that unless the message appears in full booming stereo like the voice of God, it isn’t clairaudience, but that’s not true.

It’s clairaudience even if it’s a whisper.

Having clairaudient ability means we may hear a whisper, or a fragment of a phrase, and it might even be heard with the ears of our soul rather than the physical ears. Most experience clairaudience this way – with a thought-voice inside their mind. Does that mean anyone’s crazy or hearing things? Usually not, but it’s a good question that I wrote about here.

If you’re waiting for booming voice of God, it might be a while, because clairaudience is rmost often heard inside our minds.

Clairaudient abilities can be words appearing in our mind

Our clairaudience usually manifests inside our minds as thoughts we have every day. It’s rarely another voice. Those who are visual also see the word running across the screen of their mind, like subtitles in a foreign movie.

It’s a lot more gentle and subtle than we expect, which makes it easy to miss if you’re not trained to spot it. More likely you’ve already had a clairaudient experience:

  • Hearing your name called in the slower.
  • Words tumble from your mouth and you don’t really know where it came from.
  • The sound of a radio talk show in another room, but the radio isn’t on.

But what now?

These are just a few signs of clairaudient ability, but you may feel a long way off channeling your higher self or tuning into the wisest advice for your life. It’s like a little teaser to entice you for more, much like the trailer of a great movie.

If you’ve had these psychic experiences, it’s your higher self inviting you for more. It means you have clairaudient abilities and it’s time to see what else you can do with them. It’s time to discover more.

That is my mission in life. Helping you in no fluff, straightforward ways to access more psychic ability. That includes clairaudience, clairvoyance, and all the other ‘clairs’.

If you’re still reading, these clairs have happened already. but they’re random. They happen when we’re relaxed and open, and not really trying.

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How to get more clairaudient

Work on increasing those times when you are open and not trying. By setting aside dedicated times to be energetically still and open, the doors to more psychic messages and clairaudience will open.

To understand your clairaudient ability, know that first of all, it’s happening already. Secondly, when you’re open and relaxed and not trying, it’s going to actually work even better.

Thirdly, that screen of your mind, the words running along on your thought voice, that is already clairaudience. If you’d like a hand to access more of your ‘clairs’, reach out, reply to this blog, or pop a message in the contact form.

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