say no to fear based spirituality

Say No to fear based spirituality

I saw a fear based warning about meditation, and it got me so riled up I had to rant. Say no to fear based spirituality aimed to keep you small. The post claimed meditation could cause panic attacks and worse; it may even lead to unwanted spiritual contact.

We crave a deeper spiritual connection

Going deep is what we’re about with meditation. If self reflection touches on areas ready to be healed, great, but no meditation ever caused a panic attack. Meditation is designed to help us connect to ourselves and others.

It’s how to eventually link with the higher self, guides and helpers in the unseen world. Meditation done right opens the soul.

The magic is in you

If you don’t know how your own soul works, how are you going to connect to other people in psychic readings, or the spirit world in mediumship?

The phone line is inside you.

Meditation can be a grind if you’re not used to it. When I first started, I could barely sit still for three minutes, however, I turned up every day to sit and gradually extended the time.

It doesn’t even matter what meditation is. Sit with a cup of tea, and gaze out of a beautiful London apartment window like I am now. Look up from the screen. Anything stopping the conscious mind to allow the superconscious is a form of meditation.

You will meet your soul

You’re going to meet your soul. Then meet what’s in the way of your soul growing it’s full potential. It can be uncomfortable, but it’s our soul growing.

Discomfort is a sign of growth. Its confirmation we’re another step closer to touching an eternal part of ourselves. The divine spark that is essentially us. That’s what meditation does.

say no to fear based superstition

Say no to fear-based spirituality

Anything designed to keep you scared and small is not spirituality, it’s control. Spiritual development done right has the opposite effect: It feels expansive, supported, cared for, loved, free, strong, empowered, and loved.

If it’s supposed to be spiritual, but makes you feel alone and small and scary, it’s fear based, and we say no to that.

While I’m on my soap box, let’s also say no to gatekeepers putting themselves between you and the divine. This comes in a very slick version these days called “blocks”.

Many will fish for ways you are small so that only they can fix them. This is spiritual middle-manning and it sucks.

Spiritual middle-manning is just like the priesthood where no one was allowed to God except the priest, or Shaman, or Rabbi, or holy man, and it’s still going on.

New age gatekeeping exists

It’s in the guise of some unscrupulous psychic coaches, mentors and healers. Your soul is your soul, and you’re in charge of it.

You have the divine ability to connect to your psychic self with what you have. Don’t accept a guru’s interpretation when you can connect yourself to the sacred. This means ‘activations’, ‘codes’ and the like.

All the great mediums of this world didn’t get their blocks fixed by coaches or healers. They simply sat in the stillness of their soul, (hello – meditation.) Coaches didn’t exist. You don’t need anybody else, not even me.

Do it right now with what you have.

If it makes you feel fearful, less than, alone, scared, it’s not for you. Don’t buy into it. You can go direct with your spiritual connection whenever you want, with whatever you’ve got because the magic is in you and always has been.

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In 1994, I had a midlife crisis, got a boob job and moved to Byron Bay.

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