how to do free readings in a Facebook Group

How to do free readings in a Facebook group

Are you just starting out learning to read oracle cards and want practice? Doing a free reading in a Facebook group is a great way to get practice and exposure at the same time.

If it still feels overwhelming, here’s a fun five card reading to inspire more confidence.

Five cards to give free readings in a Facebook group

First tip: Be you. Be your fabulous, gorgeous self. Work to your strengths. No one does you better than you, so let your true self shine.

Second tip: You are exactly where you need to be. Everyone steps up was a beginner once. There are lots of people eager to have a reading from you. They want insights and they’re ready to trust you.


Third tip: Feeling and Form. If you thought about creating a free reading in a Facebook group, there are more moving parts to this than at first glance. There’s format, delivery, and dealing with tech. It gets overwhelming sometimes.


Tip four: Decisions. Once you’ve decided on the format, delivery, and style, choose the number of free readings to do and stick to it. Stick to the number of people no matter how uncomfortable your people pleaser is. Not only does that honour your energetic boundaries but conserves your beautiful energy.

Final tip: The fifth card in this five card inspirational reading to help you do a free reading in a Facebook group is Mentor. That’s me. I’d love to help you.


If doing psychic readings is part of your ongoing psychic development, there’s a free resource to help you get there.

In this free 60-minute masterclass you will:

* Work to your strengths, not someone else’s

* Design an offer that gets snapped up in minutes

* Learn the secrets to a successful free reading

* Manage overwhelm and performance pressure

* Get one step closer to paid readings

Head over to the Psychic Classroom and sign up for free.

Plan and post a free reading

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