Earthbound Spirits – no such thing!

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Cringe admission: Not only did I used to believe in stuck and earthbound spirits, I even offered sessions to ‘release them. I even have a gmail account with ‘spirit release’ in it. As embarrassing as that is, it’s also evidence of evolving ideas and when we know better, we do better.

After disentangling from fear based New Age stuff and reclaiming my power, my common sense returned to know we all go to the same place; the Spirit World. No one gets ‘stuck’ and no one needs any great white spiritual saviors to rescue them.



Everybody goes to the Light

Even really horrible people. They still go. No one gets left behind. We all belong to the same great spiritual soup of life so how could any of us ever get left behind? It’s like leaving an arm behind or a toe. It doesn’t even make sense.

So while the idea of earthbound spirits is popular in New Age fear-based ideas, I invite you to do some digging into the history of where and why the idea still has hold.

A fingernail scratch under the surface reveals familiar fear tactics used in Christianity to stop anyone from connecting to the Divine on their own and not using their priesthood and church gatekeepers. We’ve moved beyond that in the 21st Century and big organized religion is in decline.

While it may be ego puffing to offer spirit release or remove earthbound spirits – the “Big U” has a plan. And that plan is no one gets left behind. What on earth do they certainly need a mere human meddling in the Divine Plan?

Wouldn’t you hate to think that your loved one was stuck somewhere? That would be awful. While a spirit can come back and be with us and make themselves known by rattling, knocking, and moving things, they’re not stuck.


The Ghost in the Swimming Pool

A public swimming pool was haunted. It had ghostly things happening. Doors were slamming and lockers were banging and all sorts of things were going on this public swimming pool. They brought in a medium to see what the story was. This medium was well trained and knew that we all go to the Spirit world and no one gets stuck so she tuned into the Spirit person who was there.

Turns out that the spirit was actually a young boy that was drowned in a swimming pool. He’d come to try and let people know the way they were running the pool was going lead to an accident. Because he died in a public pool, he chose to return from the Spirit world to warn the employees to pay closer attention to the children.

When they investigated they found the teenage boys supervising the pool, were actually in the adult section watching the girls and ignoring the kiddie pool. It was an accident waiting to happen. And when this medium communicated to the spirit and found out what the story was and relayed the information, the people that ran the pool were able to make sure that little kids stayed safe.



Earthbound spirits- no such thing

The only earthbounds are us! Until we go to the Spirit world we are the ones who are stuck. Spirits return because they want to help or send a message of love. It’s our job to figure what and once we realize that, there’s no reason to be scared.


Still not convinced?

Congratulations! You might be a medium. That’s what a medium is – someone who can be “in the middle” between this world and the next and pass messages on. This is a beautiful gift, and if you’re still seeing Spirit, perhaps it’s their way of letting you know you have this ability. I love helping new mediums discover their gift – if this feels like you, comment below and share your story.

If you’re ready to learn how to contact the Spirit and bring through messages for others, without all the fear-based stuff that keeps you small,  I have private mentoring sessions available, as well as small group online trainings throughout the year.

Being on my emails is the best way to get the heads up when courses happen.


  1. El Freeman

    Thanks for this article Denise. After my brothers suicide I felt he was “stuck”, I felt his energy everywhere and LOTS of things were happening in that first week at my grandmothers house where the family had all congregated – broken vase, missing mobile phone, weird light images on a wall… What came through when I communicated with him about a week later was that he was shocked it had worked and he regretted it. I talked to him a lot about our lives, his life, his decisions and I connected to the little boy I had adored as a baby sister and expressed that love and trust to him that I had not felt for decades, I genuinely felt complete forgiveness for all the pain and suffering I had connected to him. Almost immediately after all of this I no longer felt him all around me… I thought I had helped “release” him to the light all ego hey? Whatever it was I am richer for it and it has helped to heal our relationship and the grief of his suicide xx Thank you

    • Denise Litchfield

      Hi El, not at all! Of course he would wish to be near you and talk – you probably did some amazing healing with him and you over those chats. Don’t discount the beautiful contact you had with him and all the ways he was trying to get your attention with the stuff moving and the phone.

      The only difference was that he was already in the Spirit world, safe and “home” were he should be, not stuck, and was just making contact. You did an amazing job of healing the both of you. xxx

  2. Julie

    I love this Denise,
    I often see movement, I can certainly feel something that I can not see and I have also been physically touched.
    I have experienced lots of different things…I have only ever been scared a couple of times, mostly I feel quite fine and will often say hello.
    Sometimes it is smell I can be anywhere no one else around I get a whiff of a strong scent, always a beautiful scent that I do not recognise.
    Sometimes I hear a whisper in my ear or I have heard my name called but as if someone is leaning in close to me, I have been stopped in my tracks and turned around to see if anyone is there.

    • Denise Litchfield

      Hi Julie – of COURSE you’d be getting scent – after all it’s your talent, and Spirit know it, so they would try to communicate in that way. They know what areas we are most receptive in. Sounds like you’ve had some lovely contacts.

  3. Donna Frasca

    There are SO many variables to this! I love your point of view but I think there’s more. What about the Spirits who choose to stay? I think they’d need a nudge don’t you?

    • Denise Litchfield

      The key word here is “choose”. We all choose. But they are still in the world of Spirit, and can return any time. Eventually they all do , because it’s their home and they come to realise that.

  4. Katlyn

    I really enjoy this perspective! I do wonder, though, what to make of a spirit who talks about being stuck or afraid to go to the light because they’re afraid they won’t be accepted? Or, on the other side of the coin, a spirit that attaches itself to another person or object?

    • Denise Litchfield

      Thank goodness the job of helping those spirits (who have all arrived in the where they are meant to , even if they are not aware of it yet) does not fall to us. There are teams and teams of spirit helpers who gently get those ones oriented and settled. Sometimes it takes a long time, however there IS a plan, and all is working according to it. There are no ‘glitches in the matrix’ that need our human intervention however well intentioned.

  5. Faith Alexandria Morris - lightworker

    I’m not sure if this is true. I see earth bound spirits all the time. They visibly look depressed and they seem to be lost and without purpose. They don’t accept my help when it’s offered. I don’t think they realize that they are dead. No one is “stuck” per-say. Spirits all have the power of choice. I’d assume that Earthbound spirits choose to be Earthbound, because they don’t realize the beauty and power of light. They fear it, maybe because they fear the unknown or what is to come next.

    • Denise Litchfield

      Hi Faith – I’m glad that you can sense Spirit, what a beautiful gift and I see that you’re already wishing to help and spread the light. Yes, they aren’t stuck, and they do have the power of choice. Even there, as they seem so sad, there is a gentle ministry of helping souls giving them assistance from the other side. It’s quite wonderful the way the Spirit World is so organized. Thanks for reading the blog, and I wish you well in your lightwork.

  6. carol

    hi Denise,

    loved the information on here, it has helped me thank you.
    hope you had a great birthday x

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When spiritual growth happens too fast and it feels overwhelming and you just need it to slow down a little bit. You know, like you want it, you're on the spiritual path, you want to grow your psychic skills, your mediumship skills, you want to have all now, now, now,...

Am I psychic?

Am I psychic?

Mainstream religion and the New Age actively sell the idea psychic ability exists outside of you, or only to a (chosen by them) few. This is a lie. Being psychic is part of being human, so ‘Am I psychic?” YES!

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