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Negative entities: This has to stop

Standby for another rant: Fear based superstitions about negative entities and attachments just make us small and we are meant to shine. So many gorgeous light workers worry about serving spirit in case it somehow backfires on them.


How can using the power of your soul affect anyone negatively?


Psychic work, intuitive work, is soul work. We come into the fullness of our power as a soul, and that’s something to celebrate, not be fearful about.


When we do this work, we shine. The highest potential of ourselves comes out and we are able to help and heal others. Why on earth would that attract negative energies? It doesn’t even make sense.


What could possibly attach?

The only thing that’s going to happen is if your own fears get in the way. If you afraid of stand up and making a difference, well that’s fear and it’s normal. It’s also a really cool way of staying small. Sabotaging your own light is normal too, but thinking something is gonna ‘get you’ is pretty mediaeval.


Believing in negative entities keeps us small.

Realise that you can shine. You will attract only good stuff because light attracts light. This law of attraction, it’s quantum physics now. It’s not even woo-woo, these days


If you are holding yourself back for any reason, please don’t.


Mythbusting is my favourite hobby. It’s why I teach people how to use their abilities so it works, and so they can be powerful.

There’s so much crap out there that tells us to keep small. You can’t let anyone else’s ignorance stop you. Don’t ever let anyone say, “You’ve got a dark energy and I’m going to send it to the light.” It’s just rubbish.


Send fears to the light, instead

We can shine the light of wisdom, understanding, love, and forgiveness onto ourselves, and others. But, negative energies, no. Sorry. It’s just another way of keeping us small, and I don’t buy into it at all. And neither should you.

There’s no place for fear -based mumbo jumbo.

It’s time to dust off old beliefs that keep us scared because that stuff sure doesn’t spark joy. When you work with me, you’ll find your own power, and how to work from that place. Not from someplace outside of you, not handing your power away to anyone, not even me.

The place to connect to psychic power is within, and once you find that place, it’s a limitless source. No need to get someone else, or wait for a full moon.


Nothing has power over you and there are no negative entities

We are living in the 21st century. We’ve got to apply what we know here and now. The only place we can be effective is right now, right here.

The more our attention is spread all over the place, the less effective we can be now. And now’s the only chance we’ve got. This is it. What are you going to do with this fabulous life of yours?


Are you going to shine? Or, are you going to stay small?


That’s really the question. I really hope you choose to shine, and grow big, and don’t listen to any rubbish that comes at you.

So if you’re ready to let old controlling fear based mumbo jumbo go, we should chat. Hop on my email list to find out when the next small group training is or head over to the VIP Private Mentoring page.


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