I have a secret to confess: Each time there’s a new level to explore in my psychic path, I resort to cake. Have you had this too –  a big new exciting adventure to do, but oooh so scary, so it’s raiding the fridge to squish all the feels down?


It used to be worse

With the amount of cake I’ve eaten I could hold the world record for longest  denial of my psychic ability. My Guides practically threw me into it, and I finally said YES to them and YES to a part of me that was sick of being squished down.


We hear the call

I started late – only in the last 5 years seriously training. But you know what? When you say YES to yourself amazing things happen.


Teachers appear out of nowhere
Books drop from shelves
Your psychic senses get a massive upgrade.


I learned by myself – reading all the books I could get my hands on – and don’t laugh, but I didn’t know what a medium WAS till only 5 years ago, much less think I was one.


Is it all a co-incidence?

If you’ve never considered yourself psychic till now, you’re not alone. If you’ve never thought all those co-incidences amount to much, you’re not alone either.

I learned by myself, then travelled over the world to be taught by the best of the best. I discovered the secret sauce to making an accurate, meaningful intuitive link every time and that’s why the Psychic Connection Package exists.


So I can share what I learned with you.
So you won’t waste years and possibly thousands figuring it out.


The power really does lie with you, Dorothy

I’ll show you how to tap into your psychic senses and how to switch them off again, so you’re the boss. Always.

We’ll look under the hood of exactly how psychic stuff works so you’ll never be baffled by New Age B/S again.

Best of all, you’ll get served in cafes faster, seats in trains and people stop  bumping into you because they didn’t see you. What’s that got to do with being psychic? It’s the secret sauce I mentioned earlier – it washes into the rest of your life too.


Next step or cake?

You can have both! If you’re reading this and feeling that squishy excited scary feeling, its time to step up.

Even if it’s just to hit reply and set up a casual chat. I’ll take a peek at your energy field, talk about the way your psychic ability is working for you now and what to expect in the near future and whether the Psychic Connection Package is a good fit.







YAAS! Booklet heading you way!