the truth about psychic training

The truth about psychic training

The real reason I created a psychic training course like My Psychic Soul, was to dispel old ideas that our power exists outside us. When there are tons of other psychic courses out there, this is a relatively new approach.

When I came out of the psychic closet in 1992, I nearly drowned in the amount of info available for psychic development.

It was either fear-based superstition, or required so many props and rituals, there was no time to check in to the place the magic really happens: Inside. After 31 years, eight of them spent teaching, I’m ready to spill the beans on the truth about psychic training.


The truth about psychic training: The power’s always been with you.

The Dorothy Principle

Remember the moment in The Wizard of Oz is when Glinda the Good Witch tells Dorothy, ‘You had the power all along, my dear.’ We spend so much time giving away our power to other things, other people, objects, crystals, teachers even, that we forget our ability is within us.


Glinda the Good Witch sums up the entire world of psychic development. When we realise the power’s inside us – and has been all along, we don’t fall for B/S telling us to hide it or give it away. Our psychic ability becomes endless.


Choose from 31 psychic flavours

Once this powerful realisation lands, like Toto pulling aside the curtain to reveal the Wizard, applying it to any psychic style is easy.

Akashic Record readings (psychic readings), past life readings, ancestor work (mediumship), animal communication (psychic work) and all the different spiritual flavours use the same the basic skills.

That’s what I teach in My Psychic Soul; the basics. Strong foundations mean unshakeable confidence and trust in self, knowing it can be switched on, and off at will.



Know your own soul first, then connect with someone else’s

The huge personal transformation happening for students in is because they are discovering the depths of their own soul first. This is the Dorothy Principle at work, and that’s what gets me totally ranty about psychic training. Discover your soul strengths, your power first, and the rest just rolls along.

The truth about psychic training is it’s incredibly simple to do. Connect to the soul power inside. Doing so makes relying on external agencies redundant. If the inner soul power to connect isn’t developed, there’s no bandwidth to get to our guides and helpers anyway.


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