This could get a little ranty, maybe a little personal, but it’s the real reason I created a course like the Psychic Connection Package, and the truth about psychic training. When there’s tons of other courses out there, all teaching pretty much the same stuff, why bother?

When I finally decided to come out of my own broom closet in 1992, I nearly drowned in the amount of info available. I lost days of my life wading through stacks of useless information in books and online. It was either fear based superstition using so many props and rituals you hardly had time to do anything else, or it led you to believe everything you needed was outside – guides, crystals, other teachers. After 25 years I believe in neither and I’m ready to spill the beans.


The truth about psychic training: The power’s always in you, always has been.



The Dorothy Principle

One of my favourite moments in The Wizard of Oz is when Glinda the Good Witch tells Dorothy, “You had the power all along, my dear.” We spend so much time giving away our power to other things, other people, objects, crystals, teachers even, that we forget our ability is within us.

Glinda the Good Witch sums up the entire world of psychic development right there. When we realise the power’s inside us – and has been all along, we won’t fall for any B/S telling us to hide it or give it away. Once we tap into that power our psychic ability becomes endless.


Choose from 31 psychic flavours

Once the Dorothy Principle is a no-brainer, and we develop the power inside us FIRST, we can apply it to whatever psychic style we fancy.  If you want to do Akashic Record readings, if you want to do past life readings, if you want to do ancestor work, if you want to be an animal communicator, if you want to be a healer, all the different psychic flavours comes down to applying the basic skills.

That’s what I teach in the Psychic Connection Package: the basics. With a strong foundation, you have the ability to tap into it, how to switch it on, and how to switch it off too. Thats just as important because we all need to hang with a glass of chardonnay and a pizza too.



What gives the “wow” factor to clients

If you’re an intuitive wondering how to get more clients who keep coming back and refer their friends, the answer might be in what you’re doing with the psychic info coming through. Because there’s no doubt that you are really good at getting intuitive hits, but how to get even deeper, and touch the soul of the client?  That’s the secret: How to interpret your info in a way that will change their lives, and have them coming back for more.


Psychic work is soul work. If you don’t know your own soul first, what business have you got messing around with someone else’s soul?


The huge personal transformation happening for students in the Psychic Connection Package is because they are discovering the depths of their own soul first. This is the Dorothy Principle at work, and that’s what gets me totally ranty about psychic training. Discover your soul strengths, your power first, and the rest just rolls along.

The truth about psychic training is it’s incredibly simple to do. Get the basics covered, and you’ve connected to the soul power inside, there’s no need to rely on anyone else – guides, angels, all the rest because if we don’t have the power to connect first, there’s no bandwidth to get to where our guides and helpers hang out.


You’re an amazing psychic already

I believe you’re an amazing psychic already. I absolutely do. Now it’s time to go out there and shine. Shine your way, the way you’re meant to, the way your soul wants you to. That’s why I created the Psychic Connection Package. That’s why I do what I do, because I really believe when we work intuitively, we’re touching someone’s soul. That’s a big responsibility. We owe it to ourselves and out clients to get it right. Does that sound like you? 


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